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Thornhill Drive

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  • Thornhill Dr Oakland, California - Merriwood
    There are a minimum of 20 potholes on Thornhill dr, the majority of which are dangerously large and have existed for years. The street is generally deteriorated and there are major cracks in the asphalt.
  • 6028 Thornhill Drive Oakland, California - Merriwood
    There are 8 pot large potholes between on Thornhill Dr (between Pinehaven Rd and Gouldin Rd), 3 of them are about 2 feet wide around 6028 Thornhill Dr. Just drive from Pinehaven Rd to Moraga Ave and you'll see all of them.
  • 5741 Thornhill Dr Oakland, California, 94611 - Merriwood
    There is no pedestrian access at the 7-11 along Thornhill; the parking lot is 120 feet across with 11 parking spaces, and often there are 18-wheel delivery trucks unloading supplies during school hours. Pedestrians are forced to navigate across many lanes of moving traffic to get by or cross next to the 7-11 entrance, which involves several steps and barriers. We request that the City of Oakland investigate options to reduce the width of this parking lot and improve pedestrian access with additional sidewalks.
  • Alhambra Ln & Thornhill Dr Oakland, CA, 94611, USA - Merriwood

    Requests from October 8th Montclair Action Team -- a meeting of community members concerned abut street safety along Thornhill.

    -Residents State Signage is Not Visible– speed limit or school zone signs
    -Residents would like a 20 MPH limit
    -Residents ask for a flashing beacon at Thornhill elementary and a crosswalk
    -Better signage and sharrows for bikes
    -Specific ask for “Share the road” sign for bike

  • Thornhill Dr Oakland, CA, 94611, USA - Merriwood

    Nearly everyone driving on Thornhill, especially above Pinehaven/Woodhaven speeds well above the 25 mph speed limit. Speeding is a problem basically once you pass the Thornhill School, all the way up the hill. There's something about the road that make people feel the need to drive fast, even though it is narrow, windy, and heavily populated. We very intentionally drive 25 mph and are tailgated every time by impatient drivers.

    We live right on Thornhill and it's very easy to tell the difference between a car traveling the speed limit and car going above the speed limit. It's extremely dangerous on a road with no sidewalks but that is regularly used by people to walk and bike. We've lived on this stretch of Thornhill for 7 months and have observed/experienced the following in that short amount of time:
    - A (likely speeding) driver hit a deer in front of our house two nights ago, did not stop or report it
    - A driver coming downhill around the curve between Heather Ridge and Pinehaven/Woodhaven flipped their car after hitting a retaining wall (November 2021)
    - We have been passed on the left by cars coming downhill while stopped at our vehicle at the stop sign at the Thornhill-Pinehaven intersection. We have also observed other cars being passed in a similar way at this intersection while we are out walking
    - Numerous cars traveling on Thornhill in either direction simply do not stop at the Thornhill-Pinehaven 4-way stop. We see this daily while out walking
    - While driving uphill on Thornhill near Gouldin at night last month, we nearly had a head-on collision with a speeding car traveling downhill that crossed the double yellow to pass another car driving downhill.
    - While walking our dog on Thornhill, the majority of cars pass us very closely and do not decrease their speed.

    One other thing to note: there are no speed limit signs on Thornhill in the uphill direction after the Thornhill school. Not sure how effective these would be, but it does seem like an oversight not to have more signs.

    With the speeds that people are traveling, someone is going to get killed - it's only a matter of time. We think there need to be a variety of traffic calming interventions on the entire stretch of Thornhill to make the street safer for everyone. Walking/biking to school very much seems like part of the culture in this neighborhood and yet the behavior of people driving cars is terrifying.

  • 5880 Thornhill Dr Oakland, California, 94611 - Merriwood
    There was a NO PARKING sign across the street from Thornhill Elementary school that was damaged (turned around) in a mudslide last year. Cars are now parking in the NO PARKING zone without realizing it and then pedestrians (kids/adults) are crossing a busy road, not in a crosswalk, to get to school. Please prioritize fixing this sign- appreciated!
  • 6200-6278 Thornhill Dr Oakland, CA, 94611, USA - Merriwood
    The whole span of thornhill off Moraga up to the swim club is atrocious. Cars swerve to avoid mines, they were pot holes when i complained for the last 7 years and mow massive craters. Bikes cannot navigate the road. Suspensions on cars are destroyed daily. For a major street it is atrocious. Please, pretty please fix me.
  • 5880 Thornhill Dr Oakland, California, 94611 - Merriwood
    Cars park illegally all along Thornhill Drive and in private parking lots during school drop-off and pick-up times (for Thornhill Elementary). The school cannot police this- they need support from automated or live officers. This parking forces pedestrians into the street and removes visibility and is a hazard for anyone with impaired mobility. Please send officers out for regular enforcement.
  • 1641 Mountain Blvd Oakland, CA, 94611, USA - Merriwood
    The sidewalk construction at the corner of Thornhill and Mountain started in April and stopped in mid-May, but there is a giant corner and several driveways that still have been completed. See photo for the sign indicating that the work should have been completed by May 31. This means that as of 8/21 (today), the work is nearly 3 months behind schedule, and pedestrians are picking their way through rubble.
  • 5506-5598 Thornhill Dr Oakland, CA, 94611, USA - Merriwood
    Please resurface the entire 100 yards of Thornhill road between Mountain and Moraga in Montclair. This artery has more than 10000 + cars a day driving on it between am and pm. After years of neglect it is in terrible shape. This image is one of a dozen potholes large enough for a car wheel to fit into.
  • Mountain Blvd & Thornhill Dr Oakland, California, 94611 - Merriwood
    Navigational street signs needed at Thornhill Dr. & Mountain Blvd. Drivers need to know where they are to keep traffic fluid and decrease confusion. Re: Thornhill Community Corridor Street Safety Project
  • Alhambra Ln & Thornhill Dr Oakland, CA, 94611, USA - Merriwood

    From: Principal Daubenspeck
    Date: 5/2/2019

    A student was hit in the crosswalk near Alhambra Lane by a parcel delivery vehicle.

    We have called the city and police department numerous times regarding safety on Thornhill Drive over the six years I have been Principal.

    I continue to urge you to reach out to your elected officials to support the safety of your community.