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  • Trash/Debris Acknowledged
    1080–1086 Pierce St Houston 77002, United States - Midtown
    Trash is piling up under Pierce elevated at Fannin. Huge blight on midtown area. The entire block is a mess. Does Houston have a trash department that can clean this up?
  • 2001–2015 Main St Houston 77002, United States - Midtown
    Multiple homeless people and trash around premises. Have been asked by multiple people for money on the way to the rail station.
  • Milam St Houston, TX, 77002, USA - Midtown
    On Milan street under Pierce Elevated there are piles of items (in addition to the piles that are with the homeless people). The unattended piles of items blow into the street and into cars when the winds pick up.
  • 1800 St Joseph Pkwy Houston, TX 77003, USA - Midtown
    please remove the vagrants trespassing on property. clearly marked on blog.
  • 580–698 St Joseph Pkwy Houston 77002, United States - Downtown
    This the entrance onto 45 North from St Joseph Parkway, trash every where, missing traffic signs etc, reported several times with NO results
  • 207–243 Allen Pkwy Houston 77019, United States - Downtown
    Homeless camp (8 tents) in green space between the I-45 Northbound on-ramp from Allen Parkway and I-45. Large amount of trash & debris in and around the green space.
  • 806 Main St Houston 77002, United States - Downtown
    Human waste on sidewalk.
  • Street Hazard Archived
    900 Smith St Houston 77002, United States - Downtown
    The sidewalk is damaged. As I was exiting a bus, a woman, who was walking in front of me, stumbled over these protruding bricks and fell completely onto the ground.
  • Homeless Camp Archived
    Houston Ave Houston, TX, 77002, USA - Downtown
    Homeless people have a tent camp with several tents.
  • 1100 Bagby St Houston, TX 77002, USA - Downtown
    This happens frequently
  • 887–899 Commerce St Houston 77002, United States - Downtown
    Gap cover has been removed. Bolts sticking up and large gap present.
  • Pothole Archived
    1901–1999 Main St Houston 77002, United States - Downtown
    It looks like the manhole is about to sink and potholes are forming around it. Weak materials/calculations and poor supervisions are of the cause of this.