First Ward

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Roughly covers Albany's First Ward

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    401 2nd Ave Albany 12209, United States - Delaware Avenue
    Contractors climbing all over my roof and using it as a staging area for renovating the house next door. Sick of reporting these people and nothing being done. They are in my freaking roof with construction materials!
  • 37 Marshall St Albany 12209 United States - Delaware Avenue
    Streets haven’t been cleaned in a long time.
  • 401 2nd Ave Albany 12209 United States - Delaware Avenue
    The scaffolding and construction debris are a serious hazard on this property.
  • 477 Delaware Ave Albany, NY 12209, USA - Delaware Avenue
    sidewalk Whitehall near Delaware by sunoco a+. if a homeowner with corner property is responsible for sidewalks shouldn't business? sidewalks very bad esp bad by driveway where plows pushed snow
  • 401 2nd Ave Albany 12209 United States - Delaware Avenue
    We have reported this before. Work has been going on for months on this property. Scaffolding has been up since the Fall. Construction debris, insulation, pieces of vinyl siding etc. never cleaned up at the end of the day. No work permit is visible. Interior construction debris is bagged and left in front of other homes on the block.
  • Southern Blvd Albany, NY, 12209, USA - Delaware Avenue
    Five of the worst offenders of dangerous behavior on motor bikes and ATVs, live along or off of Southern Boulevard. Between 5 and 6 p.m. daily in nicer weather including today, they come down Southern Boulevard and turn on to Delaware Avenue heading toward Lark Street and then go up and down Delaware Ave and Lark, as well as Madison Avenue, in heavy traffic speeding beside and in between vehicles, pulling wheelies and causing a very dangerous situation for drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. This has been reported before and police have been called but obviously patrol cars need to already be present when this happens to catch them. Not long ago these motorbike and ATV riders were blocking traffic at a light near Washington Park while they did a dance under the traffic cameras thumbing their nose at a city they are confident won't hold them accountable. Sadly, they appear to be right. This has gone on for several years unimpeded.
  • Delaware Ave & Whitehall Rd Albany, NY, 12209, USA - Delaware Avenue
    Can traffic engineering please assess the situation on Delaware Avenue at Southern Boulevard and Whitehall Road. The traffic signals at these intersections are not coordinated in a way that allows traffic to move during peak hours and is even worse around 5 PM. People sit at the light at Delaware and Southern Boulevard sometimes for 8 green lights or more without moving because the light at Whitehall is red when the light at Southern Boulevard is green and there's nowhere for cars to go. Cars also park in the driving lane on this stretch of Delaware Avenue, exacerbating the problem with traffic and not allowing the cars in the right-hand Lane to be able to go straight on Delaware Avenue. This has become a very serious problem and needs to be assessed promptly. Thank you.
  • 2 Alfred St Albany, NY, 12209, USA - Albany
    This garage is falling apart and seems it could collapse at any moment. There are children in this neighborhood who play in these yards. It needs to be taken care of.
  • 369 2nd Ave Albany, NY, 12209, USA - Delaware Avenue
    Right in the middle of Second Avenue at the intersection of Marshall Street, commercial grade fireworks being set off. Called Dispatch multiple times. "We have no one available, but we'll get someone there as soon as possible." This is the standard response from dispatch. And in the meantime, this activity goes on and on and on. This is a disgrace to the quality of life in Albany. Shame on you Mayor Sheehan!
  • 401 Second Ave Albany NY 12209, United States - Delaware Avenue
    There are people continually working on this house after the stop work orders were issued I don't know what the status is, but garbage(including construction debris) is put out every garbage night piled across the sidewalk making it impossible to pass Nighttime banging coming from inside The backyard is full of debris I see no work permit
  • 414 2nd Ave Albany, NY, 12209, USA - Delaware Avenue
    Every single night pretty much every hour on the hour a parade of dirt bikes and four wheelers and motorcycles come screaming down the road and not fast either they're coming slow and making as much noise as they possibly can and they do it every hour on the hour... so I really don't understand how a cop can pull someone over for having a loud exhaust and making too much noise but they can't manage to stop these people from doing this all night and day everyday I'm telling you where they're doing it they're doing it all day everyday someone has got to do something this is ridiculous
  • 469 S Pearl St Albany, NY 12202, USA - Krank Park-Cherry Hill
    Unregistered vacant building. Multiple windows boarded up. Exterior bricks and walls appear to need work