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Town of Carmel, Mahopac, Kent Cliffs, Brewster(Putnam County)Reporting on Watch Areas in need of repair where we live

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  • 3 Cornish Rd Carmel Hamlet, NY - Carmel Hamlet
    There is a 90-degree bend in the road with no marking to approaching traffic. In fog and snow it is dangerous because poor visibility leaves little time to react to the curve. A reflective left arrow sign is needed here.
  • 1601-1687 U.S. 6 Carmel, NY 10512, USA - Carmel Hamlet
    Traveling east on Route 52, shortly before Toro's Restaurant, on the eastbound side there is a large, wide section of the blacktop that's just gone at least 6 inches deep. Takes up the entire eastbound lane, so no way to avoid without driving over double yellow line. Drive slowly!
  • 36 Hillside Dr NY 10541 - Putnam County
    This is by far the worst road I have ever driven on. I live on Hillside Drive and have a 2 year old car and already have had to do work on the car multiple times because of the potholes.
  • Dixon Rd Carmel Hamlet, NY - Putnam County
  • Taconic State Parkway (Northbound And Southbound) Mahopac, New York - Mahopac

    What is going on in this county and taconic state parkway? The roads at times in both directions of the taconic state parkway in Putnam county are so dangerous and ridden with potholes and broken dips and failed "patches".

    Right at the line of putnam/dutchess the broken roads begin as soon as you enter putnam county heading southbound. The potholes are particularly worse at the steep curve where its nearly impossible to avoid them as its dangerous with traffic and downright impossible. The craters are deep and need proper fixing.

    Heading northbound as soon as the putnam county line begins and the roads narrow from three lanes into two there is a huge broken road and dip that needs fixing asap the only way to avoid is to go into third lane as its ending then cut across. As soon as the two lanes begin the right lane has broken pavement and uneven road that needs fixing too.

    Also heading northbound right after the peekshill hollow rd exit (very dangerous exit btw) there used to be a huge broken dip followed by a series of dips and broken road. They fixed the first dip but completely ignored the series of dips and broken road that follows the first dip.....

    Further down heading northbound before the dutchess county line in both lanes road needs REPAVING note NOT patching because those patches break after a week. There are monster potholes and craters and broken road and pavement that needs to be fixed. People cannot avoid them as the lanes are narrow and I have seen some close calls.

    Please fix this disgusting roads.

  • Cornish Rd Carmel, NY 10512, USA - Carmel Hamlet
    Road surface broken, uneven, and deteriorating rapidly.
  • 1710-1726 U.S. 6 Carmel, NY 10512, USA - Carmel Hamlet
    When getting onto Rt 6 from Rt 52, just past Reed Library and before Church St there are 2 Potholes large enough that cars are swerving onto the opposite side of the road to avoid them. This is very dangerous as it is parallel to the drivway entrance to the parking lot of the laundry mat, hair salon, deli and other stores. It is something that must get fixed to avoid Accidents and for the safety of pedestrians walking by on either side of this area on Rt 6
  • 572 County Road 6 Mahopac, New York - Putnam County
    2 potholes in front of main enterence to parking lot.
  • 498 Gipsy Trail Road Carmel, NY - Putnam County
    From the NYS DEC parking area (1 mile north of Putnam Veterans Park) Poor reception from that area to the end of gipsy trail road
  • S Lake Blvd Mahopac, NY - Putnam County
    Intersection of Hill st to 6N and then Myrtle Ave is very busy all the time. It is hard to pull out of the end of either street and is dangerous.
  • Fox Run Lane Carmel, NY - Putnam County
    No AT&T service until fair street using I phone 4-s
  • Long Pond Rd Mahopac, NY - Putnam County
    Verizon customer - calls are routinely dropped when driving through this part of the road near my home.