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  • 3600-3606 E Busch Blvd Tampa, FL, 33612, USA - Temple Crest
    My husband was on the bus this morning going to get my meds because I am no allowed outside due to my lung conditions. Why in the hxxx is there no kind of hand sanitizer or wipes available for riders safety in this time of crisis??? And my husband heard a recording saying Hartline is going to keep us safe??? Not everyone can afford hand sanitizer or if you can afford it you can't find it anywhere!!!! But ya'll can!!!
  • Route 45 tampa, Florida - Palm River-Clair Mel
    I wish to commend and compliment Driver 2949 of Route 45, who today observed a senior patron struggling to get to the bus stop. The Driver considerately stopped ahead of the patron on the sidewalk,before the designated bus stop ,allowed her to compose herself then proceeded on the route. Both the patron and I complimented her consideration and kindness and wanted Hartline to be aware of the thoughtfulness,professionalism,and compassion of this Driver. Thank you,Joan Jean-Pierre
  • 2511 W Hillsborough Avenue Tampa, Florida - Wellswood
    Bus 14 never showed up at stop. Three of us ride every day on a regular basis. The regular driver "Tony" knows we are there every day. When two of us got off Bus 34, we were on time. Another girl is there long before we get there. We crossed Hillsborough to the stop and OneBusAway already showed that the bus had arrived two minutes prior. It must have came really early as the one girl is there early and we are always able to catch that bus even after getting off the Bus 34. Where was Tony today. He knows we are there. No Tony, NO BUS!!! We all were late today. Thanks Hartline!
  • 2298 Eastgate Plz Tampa, FL, 33610, USA - East Tampa

    We are reaching out To HartLine because we represent and manage Tampa Festival Plaza formally North Gate Plaza on Hillsborough Ave we are requesting Hart Place a trash bin at bus stop location and services For location is causing excess debris and trash.

    Adell Montgomery
    Pme Field Supervisor,

    Plant City
    Wesley Chapel

  • 8204 Hornwood Pl Tampa, FL, 33615, USA - Town 'n' Country
    Email to County Commission:
    I appreciate that you have done so much to help with the sad state of public transportation in the Tampa area. I am contacting you to see if there any plans for Hartline to extend service in the USF area, specifically for stops close to the VA clinics off 46th St. & Fowler. I dropped my son off there this morning on the way to work for a VA appointment, and he caught the bus back. I've never noticed before, but there are no stops close to the clinics. If you go on the Hartline website it gives a walk of 38 minutes to the closest bus stop-then if you need to go anywhere else you've got multiple bus changes- but that's another issue not specific to this route. At any rate, my son is young & strong , so the walk, while inconvenient, especially if it's raining, is not insurmountable for him. However, many of our veterans are elderly or have mobility issues and I would think some thought would have been given to how easy it would be to access such a common destination. Not everyone has a car or money for cabs or Uber. If this issue has not been discussed at transportation meetings I think it would be valuable to the county's veteran population to bring it to the table.
  • Boyette Rd - Riverview

    Homeless drunk sleeping in bus hut and scattering beer cans and bottles along with garbage every where, hartline white SUV usually here but he has been sleeping in his hartline SUV way In front of shopping center no where near stop or visual site of anything. Old supervisor kept it all lovely the new guy not....

    gtfs_stop_id=Hillsborough Area Regional Transit_7331;
    stop_name=Boyette Rd @ US Hwy 301;

  • Tampa FL - Downtown
    Hello HARTLine. I'm writing to you about the driver of bus 1009 heading to Netpark on March 5, 2019 from International Plaza Mall around 6:00PM to 8:00PM. I have seen this bus driver lately since I am a regular bus patron and I just want to acknowledge his good driving and professional attitude. Thank you for hiring such good employees.
  • Plaza Terrace Tampa, FL, USA - Plaza Terrace
    Every Sunday morning, my wife and I do community trash pick up. Trash is always at location ID #8006 (MLKjr & Himes Ave). If possible, requesting to have a trash container stationed at this location. We will continue to do Sunday morning trash pick up but it would be great if Hartline will help out with a trash container. Thank you.
  • 14519 Hensel Ln Tampa, FL, 33613, USA - University
    I would like to address the needs and commendations for front-line workers.My question is why HARTLINE isn't giving any discounts,to the front-line workers. I have been employed with HARTLINE in the past and it seems ,if Sharon Dent is still in office.I have been employed throughout downtown Tampa.TGH,University of south Florida and others get discounts ,for riding because they pay for this service.HARTLINE has to understand,that the business is to provide a service to all and every that ride there buses.The tax payers are the ones that are suffing,due to the inconvenience of timing and long route runs.For example;I can take a greyhound bus from down-town Tampa and be in Orlando,Fl,before bus 400 or 1 reach downtown marion center.
  • 5305 N Boulevard Tampa, FL, 33603, USA - Wellswood

    I am very concerned for my safety and that of others during this pandemic. I was very glad that masks are REQUIRED to ride Hartline buses. Unfortunately, for the past two days, I have been on the bus in my mask and witnessed 2 people ALLOWED to get on the bus and ride WITHOUT A MASK. This will have deadly consequences if not addressed immediately.

    Thank you for your shared concern in this very serious matter.

    Suzette P. Vergara

  • Tampa FL, USA - Downtown
    HART need to have more bus routes and need to have better service. I actually used the HARTLINE foundation of codus buses and I know HART has the potential. HART just need to look at what Columbus is doing.
  • Sheldon And Waters - Town 'n' Country
    Bus never came so I was left standing outside later then I needed to be on the cold. Hartline is really losing their touch and its sad because so many people count on this way of transportation.