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  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    8220 Quail Hill Rd Ne Bainbridge Island, WA 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island
    8220 Quail Hill road is using their tractor to dump roots/stumps and other debris over their property line onto the neighboring vacant lot
  • 9301-9599 Madrona Way Ne Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island

    Landscape contractors for development ate dumping huge loads of dirt at entry to trail head - apparently they have a permit dor this so they could "fence it all off if we wanted to so people are just going to have to walk around" (which means people cut through our landscaping and walkway).

    The issue however, is L & L excavating landscsping . While dumping the soil, they back up and drove forward with a fully extended cab breaking off a large branch of Madrona tree that is on our property. Clark construction personnel standing around saw this and didn't have him stop. The driver looked out his window, saw what was happening and continued to do it. Saw me waving at him, didn't stop. Told me that he was supposed to dump the dirt there so he had to do it. Out tree has been hit numerous times with limbs being torn off - this is the THIRD TIME for this tree in particular. Does the city even look at this space before giving out construction permits? it's barely as wide as a one lane road.

  • Police Issue Archived
    16938 Sanwick Place Northeast Bainbridge Island, Washington - Bainbridge Island
    People are trespassing on the tidelands. They are using the tidelands to fish. It is harming the wildlife and the property that is owned privately. This happens along the pass in front of peoples houses. This road end is to be used for water access only. The tidelands are not for loitering or a place to stay.
  • Road Issue Archived
    443-499 Olympic Dr Se Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island
    I have been getting non-stop notifications via nixie all throughout the snow "event". We got NO notice that the buses stopped running. We thought they were on Snow Route, not simply canceled! I took my wife to town to catch the ferry yesterday morning. She had planned to take the bus home. THERE WAS NO BUS YESTERDAY. How were we to know that?? we had to cancel plans last night because I had to stop dinner prep and go to town to pick her up. If i can get there in a Subaru why are the buses out of order?? And why did we not get an alert??
  • Road Issue Archived
    1111 Wing Point Way Ne Bainbridge Island 98110, United States - Bainbridge Island
    Storm debris still in bike lane weeks after road was swept. Please address as a safety issue.
  • 314 Eakin Dr Nw Bainbridge Island, Washington - Bainbridge Island
    There are several pot holes and deteriorating asphalt on Eakin Dr NW, at the bottom of the hill before the one-way loop. The nearest address is 314 Eakin Dr NW. This is caused by a poorly located storm drain (not located at the lowest point) so rain water sits on roadway.
  • Police Issue Archived
    N 305 @ H.S. Road Bainbridge Island, Washington - Bainbridge Island
    why is there a shanty-town encampment in the trees at North 305/ High School Road? I drove by and saw a patchwork quilt of different colored tarps and a HVAC vent pipe in protruding from the middle of the circus tent.This is clearly a fire hazard. We pay a lot of money to have a better quality of life than that of Seattle. Get the squatters on the first boat back to the mainland. This ain't Sea-Tac!
  • 8937 Miller Rd Ne Bainbridge Island 98110, United States - Bainbridge Island
    Structure looks like it is built in the buffer of Springbrook creek. West Bank of stream.
  • 2503 Toe Jam Hill Rd Bainbridge Island, Washington - Bainbridge Island
    This horse farm houses 14 horses and 6 dogs. They have built a ":pit" to dump horse manure mixed with hay etc. which is not draining properly and collects large amounts of urine/water which turns this pit into a lake. I was instructed to pick up said water with the tractor and dump it in a stream that is running through the property. They also have a compost area where the manure is dumped and shifted around until it breaks down into soil where all the liquid urine water seeps out of these piles and they are trying to get it to run down into the same stream. The arena is almost always flooded as are the pastures and stalls. The whole property doesn't seem to be set up properly to allow adequate drainage of the rain water and overflow from Nute's pond. I have pictures of the RV and the pit (which was so flooded that I got the tractor stuck in there, which you could see) on my phone but don't know how to get them to you. Let me know if you'd like to see them.
  • 7725 Northeast Yeomalt Point Drive Bainbridge Island, WA - Bainbridge Island
    A 2sqft sink hole has formed next to catch basin (Asset NEGHCATB0333) due to voids inside of catch basin causing basin failure. Catch basin requires rebuild or replacement and sediment cleanout, and filling in the hole. This is a priority repair.
  • 202 Knechtel Way Ne Bainbridge Island, Washington - Bainbridge Island
    Following recent snow storms, the need to adequately "REMOVE" remaining excess sand both from the sidewalks and bike lane on either side of Madison and Erikson Avenues is LONG OVERDUE & URGENT! These are accidents just waiting to happen. This said, a competent crew needs to get out there ASAP to complete a 100% quality job. LIKE "TODAY" - Tuesday 4/2/19!!!
  • Sign Issue Archived
    16250 Reitan Rd Ne Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island
    As you are driving under the Agate Pass bridge there is no signage that states one car can drive under the bridge at a time. Could signage and possibly a reflective mirror on an existing post be added so you can see the car(s) coming towards you from the other side. The waterside of the road does not have adequate barriers for a collision as many immediate stops have been made when two cars are driving under the bridge at once.