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Blossomwood Valley includes the residential areas bounded by the following streets and/or wooded areas: California Street on the West between Wells Avenue and Governors Drive; Governors Drive on the South between California Street and the Public Overlook; wooded areas on the East between Governors Drive and Toll Gate Road (as defined by Monte Sano and Land Trust properties; and, Toll Gate Road/Wells Avenue on the North between Bankhead Pkwy and California Street. Areas to the North, East and Sout

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  • 1901 Governors Dr Se Huntsville, AL, 35801, USA - Huntsville
    Heading west on Governors Drive close to this location at a bend in the road, you can see street lights close to the road. One of those appears to be tilting heavily over the street. It has a concrete base that appears to be in poor condition. It is not standing up straight like the other street lights. It may be on firm ground, but it looks alarming when you see it as you drive by/under it.
  • 1000-1198 Lowell Dr Se Huntsville, AL, 35801, USA - Huntsville
    Suggest a "No Left Turn" sign for cars traveling East on Lowell Drive turning South on California (from Blossomwood neighborhood onto California) during school zone/morning rush hours. While it is not hard to make a right turn and go North on California, the line of cars to turn onto California from Lowell gets very backed up in the mornings when the lead car is trying to turn left from Lowell to cross over all lanes of traffic and head South on California. I drive this road daily & intersection gets very messy that time of day.
  • 1510 Big Cove Rd Se Huntsville, AL, 35801, USA - Huntsville
    City grate over sewer on our driveway by the street has separated with a 5-6" gap enough for a small foot to fall through. This 18-20ft grade is curved upward as well 3-4"on the west end. Joggers and those walking the street have stumbled over and fallen on the grate. This has become a dangerous situation and a lawsuit just waiting for the City. Please replace this grate with one that fits properly. Thank you.
  • Other Archived
    2255 Governors Bend Rd Se Huntsville 35801, United States - Huntsville
    My cable was cut on April 24th during Google Fiber being installed. Comcast came out late that afternoon & put in a line and said this would be buried the next day. That still hasn’t happened. I have made 2 phone calls to Bear Communications. This morning I finally called Comcast and they say that they do not know anything about it. Who is actually responsible for getting this taken care of?
  • 1705 Ballard Dr Se Huntsville 35801, United States - Huntsville
    Trash : limbs and trimmings blocking half of one lane of street
  • 1601 Big Cove Rd Se Huntsville 35801, United States - Huntsville
    The light in front of 1600 and 1603 Big Cove is out. We’d take a picture, but it’s dark.
    Thank you in advance!
  • 2200-2298 Georgian Dr Se Huntsville, AL, 35801, USA - Huntsville
    A tree has been left at the top of Georgian Dr. It has been in the street for at least 2 weeks.
  • Water Leaks Archived
    1105 Locust Ave Se Huntsville 35801, United States - Huntsville
    Water leak in the street coming up through the asphalt in front of 1105 Locust Avenue near a patch that was previously repaired
  • Add gravel Archived
    905 Colorado Street Southeast Huntsville, AL 35801, United States of America - Huntsville
    Do you think that you could apply a load of gravel to this alley. It's all mud toward Colorado?
  • 303 Mountainwood Cir Se Huntsville, AL, 35801, USA - Huntsville
    Tree on bank of Fagan Springs creek has fallen. This looks like it could possibly affect drainage as it is also across the drainage ditch.
  • 903 Carmelian St Se Huntsville 35801, United States - Huntsville
    The only street light on this street is out.
  • California St Se Huntsville 35801, United States - Huntsville
    Can the city or state please adjust the light at California and 431 so that In the morning it flashes yellow and allows left turns onto California from 431?? Almost every morning I’m sitting in a long line of vehicles waiting to turn left with zero cars coming against us. It is inefficient for traffic, wasteful of gas, and just makes those turn lanes fill up. I’ve attached a Picture to show what it looks like. How far back I am from the light and the fact that NO vehicles are coming in the other direction toward Big Cove. I suggest the flashing yellow because the very next intersection past this that is exactly what it does. Logically there are no more cars going through that one than would be going through this one - it’s the same vehicles. If it is safe for that one it is safe for this one. If not the flashing yellow, them some kind of smarts that turns the light for us when no vehicles are detected on the other side. Obviously we need to keep the 431 traffic moving as much as possible. Right now this light isn’t helping.