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  • 818 Homestead Ave Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
    We as tax paying residents of Springfield, Delaware County, DO NOT WANT BILLBOARDS...It's an EYE SORE, and dangerous..we have enough accidents on this road..Tell the person who wants these to put them on HIS PROPERTY!!! PLUS, our homes will depreciate!! I love the lawyer's comments about when I go out in front of my house to get the newspaper if I can see the signs at the Slack's shopping center..I DO NOT WANT TO SEE A GIANT LIT UP UGLY BAD @#$% BILL BOARD WHEN I GET MY NEWSPAPER..!!!
  • Springfield Rd. & State Rd. PA 19064 - Springfield
    We need to another overpass, to relieve the traffic buildups @ Springfield Rd. & State Rd. It should not take someone 20 minutes to get out of their neighborhood.
  • S State Rd Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
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  • Bjs Springfield pa, Springfield, PA - Springfield
    A FEW weeks ago I was ticketed for running in BJS for dropping an item from my cart.(my car was in the front).Literally ran in for 30 seconds picked it up, and this man with no ID, claiming to be the Springfield Fire Marshall..yelled and kept telling me not to PARK in front of the store..I told him I knew that and explained I dropped an item..he was nasty and I got nasty..2 weeks later I get the $40 ticket..didn't want to pay it, waited for a notice to go fight it, and the Springfield Police chief sent me a nice letter that I was late paying for it, and they would give me 2 weeks to pay nice!! ok, I did pay it, along with a note and not to mention I made phone calls to complain about what happened that's not the $40, but principal..he was such a jerk!! now I have pics to prove there are NO yellow markings nor a sign NOT to park (Fire Zone) in front!! plus the Us postal and UPS park in the front and drop off mail..etc..I guess that's LEGAL???
  • 24-98 Old State Rd Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
    Motorists cut-through Old State Rd from State Rd and speed down as if it were State Rd. This is a residential street with a number of children and elderly residents.
  • E.Leamy/Baltimore Pk - Springfield
    Does not allow enough time on weekends for traffic to clear going from leamy/providence rd to Baltimore pk time of green light needs to be extended.
  • 665-687 W Springfield Rd Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
    Two problems at this locations. Drivers are constantly making a LEFT turn off Springfield Rd. into the East Coast gas station. These idiots are stopping on Springfield Rd. causing traffic coming off State Rd. to suddenly stop. It's only a matter of time before someone is rear ended. The second concern is that drivers are making a Left turn coming out of the EAST COAST gas station. In both cases these drivers are turning or attempting to turn thru two lanes of stopped traffic.
  • U.S. Highway 1 Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
    the light where U.S.1 comes up from under the overpass and the traffic coming from 320 needs to be regulated better. the one light turns green and people are trying to merge left over onto route 1 while traffic on route 1 is moving and there are people trying to get into the right lane to go onto Springfield rd. I believe this needs to be handled as 2 seperate green lights to give a fair and safe opportunity to get into your desired lane without having to have your head on a swivle or trying to figure out whose doing what when they dont use a turn signal.
  • United States - Springfield
    As a person who drives this route almost everyday, something that annoys me a lot are those drivers who STOP at the yield from 420 on to 320! There used to be poles to illustrate that this was a yield, but they're gone now. There is an ENTIRE merging lane that you can use to get over. Drivers who stop are making unnecessary traffic.
  • 100-108 Scenic Rd Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
    Traveling down this small stretch is extremely dangerous and I have whitnessed several accidents over the past few years. 1-Scenic Road traffic goes from one way to two way without indication, I have whitnessed many near head on colissions and cars hitting the curb. 2-This road is windy and on a steep incline and going down hill people pick up alot of speed. This is especially dangerous as there are blind curves when traveling both directions approaching the intersections of Madison and Midland road. As traffic pulls off these roads there are many accidents and near accidents. 3-This also goes for the train station enterance around the curve at the bottom of Scenic Rd. 4-Aside from that, the traffic traveling up the hill tends to speed and rev their engines on the incline. Then they reach the top of the hill and speed around the curve at Scenic Hills Elementary School. The childern stand no chance against a car speeding around a blind curve. 5-Finally there are several driveways on these curves and they are a nightmare to pull in and out of, one second it is clear, next there is a car barreling around the curve. More signs would only be "white noise". IF THE SPEED LIMIT WAS REDUCED THEN ALL THESE PROBLEMS COULD BE ALLEVIATED, AND PEOPLE WOULD HAVE MORE REACTION TIME FOR ALL THESE OBSTICLES ON THIS SMALL STRETCH OF ROAD. People should need to travel higher speeds through our backroads.
  • 320 And Country Club Lane - Springfield
    There are many potholes in front of the entrance to the Springfield Healthplex entrance.