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  • 2377 Topaz Dr Troy, MI 48085, USA - Troy
    dead deer in the road just east of the location spot
  • 2815 Birchdale Dr Troy, MI, 48083, USA - Troy
    Can someone tell these homeowners to fix their flat tires and move these cars that haven’t moved in months.
  • Pothole Open
    850 Stephenson Hwy Troy, MI, 48083, USA - Troy
    Huge pothole - please fix.
  • Pothole Open
    48 Starr Dr Troy, MI, 48083, USA - Troy
    Big pothole in from of 48 starr drive, it make very unsafe for all with flying gravel.
  • 2891 E Big Beaver Rd Troy MI 48083, United States - Troy
  • Crooks & Long Lake Troy, MI 48098, USA - Troy

    The sidewalk on the west side on crooks (south bound side) just north of Long Lake outside of the rivershed is a constant puddle of mud. the puddle never goes away. It's impossible to pass without getting your shoes completely soaked or covered in mud.

    Can this please be leveled out so that it doesn't puddle constantly?

  • Rei 766 E Big Beaver Rd, Troy, MI, 48083, USA - Troy
    There are MULTIPLE signs stating NO ENTRY, DO NOT ENTER, DO NOT CROSS OVER FROM SHOPPING CENTER DRIVEWAY, and USE NEXT TURNAROUND/CROSSOVER. And yet, people pretend to be illiterate, cross 5 lanes of traffic going 45-50mph, stop in the middle of the road when turnaround lane is backed up, and shopping center traffic sits and waits-backups around the block. Can we please get some barricades between thru traffic and the turn lane, to prevent traffic from going straight across? It is dangerous, lazy, and rude. Not to mention, ignorant for pretending not to see the 3 signs and saving yourself 5 seconds but causing 10 other people to wait 10 minutes.