Brookhaven highway , road and bridge maintenance

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Middle Country Road from Middle Island to Centereach, there are huge potholes and cracks in the roads. Especially one “CRATERS” in the right lane heading west through Coram past the 7-11. They’re so deep that they’re impossible to see and are VERY DANGEROUS!!!

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  • 5000-5022 Expressway Dr N Holbrook, NY, 11741, USA - Lake Ronkonkoma
    Pothole that is gonna kill someone. The whole westbound side of exit 60 is a disgrace but there are at least 2 potholes that cause ur tires to blow out.
  • 40 Tyler Ave West Sayville, NY, 11796, USA - West Sayville
    There are many potholes in front of my house and right behind my driveway
  • 429 N Country Rd East Setauket NY 11733, United States - Setauket-East Setauket
    6 potholes east bound on 25a and on the left hand turning lane onto sunrise drive, heading into the post office
  • Old Medford Ave Medford, NY, 11763, USA - Medford
    From Horseback Road to Woodside Avenue, you have to play "dodge the potholes". I've hit a few and it has knocked my car out of alignment. I've seen two people with flat tires and wonder if that is why. PLEASE repave this road. Thank you
  • I-495 W Medford, NY, 11763, USA - Medford
    The point at which the HOV starts in the left (and probably middle) lanes are littered with potholes. Driving is dangerous as cars need to weave at high speed to avoid them. These are big enough to blow out a tire as I've seen cars pulled over to the side of the road on almost a daily occurrence during my commute home.
  • Ridge NY, USA - Ridge
    Potholes very rough road patch jobs inadequate.
  • 80-80 Lower Rocky Point Rd Sound Beach, NY, 11789, USA - Sound Beach
    Arguably one of the worst roads in Suffolk County........ the road is littered with potholes and in some cases literally craters. It's pathetic when side streets are in better shape than a main road.
  • 5 W Parsons Ct Setauket- East Setauket, NY 11733, USA - Setauket-East Setauket
    drivers r crossing the double yellow line into oncoming traffic on the dips and curves between the Black diamond bike trail and upper sheep pasture road all in trying to avoid the many potholes and poor patch jobs.
  • 2 Harmony Ln Setauket- East Setauket, NY 11733, USA - Poquott
    Traveling east on 25a is a treacherous ride of dodging angry potholes. I feel bad for drivers at night. no matter the season, this is unacceptable and a ridiculous example of highway maintenance.
  • 921–925 N Country Rd East Setauket NY 11790, United States - Setauket-East Setauket
    Location 25a heading eastbound, across from the turn onto Thompson haypath
  • Central Ave Miller Place, NY, 11764, USA - Miller Place
    Please fix the deep dangerous potholes on Central Ave, Miller Place 11764. Thank you!
  • 94 Lynbrook Dr Sound Beach, NY 11789, USA - Sound Beach
    horrible potholes and dangerous conditions