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  • Streets Archived
    Forest Ave & Saunders St Portland, ME, 04103, USA - Portland
    The Don't Block Intersection signs at Forest & Saunders and Forest & Woodfords are not working. Can we do what I've seen in other cities, in addition to re-calibrating the traffic signals, which would be to paint bold white diagonal lines across both intersections as visual cues for people to not block these??
  • 93 Clifton Street Portland, Maine - Portland
    The very busy intersection where Vannah Ave and Clifton st and Woodford meet is left without illumination leave the many pedestrians and motorist to fend for themselves .
  • Streets Archived
    692-698 Forest Ave Portland, ME, 04103, USA - Portland

    The issue is that no one follows the signs which tell them to not block the intersection. Even a Portland School Bus was blocking the intersection this afternoon.

    The solution 1 of 2 have a sign at the point where cars should stop which clearly tells them to stop right here and not block the intersection.

    The solution 2 of 2 create a time machine and go back in time to when you were "fixing" the Woodford's Corner area. This time don't buy the street lamp art and instead use that money to hire someone to fix this traffic issue that is Woodford's Corner.

  • 1 Concord St Portland, ME 04103, USA - Portland
    Concord St residents are asked to go around our street through small neighborhoods in order to get to our homes. GPS will not direct people around rather they'll continue to turn left up Concord.
    With the long red light at Woodford & the new restriction to turn up our 1 way (going up) street it's a hassle & hazard.
    ****PLEASE CONSIDER cutting Concord off at the new bike island to create a dead end. We are currently cut off if we obey the signs & deal with speeding cars both ways all day.
    FMI Please see the attached pictures of my previous conversation with resolution.
  • Forest Ave Portland, ME, 04103, USA - Portland
    On Forest Avenue, just west of Woodford's Corner, there are now two lanes going west (post Woodford's Corner renovations last year). Previously this section of Forest Ave had a median lane for turning left or right. That lane was removed and now two lanes go west. However, the two lanes quickly reduce to one, and there is no sign indicating to motorists that they need to move into the right lane. At the point where the left lane ends, there is a crosswalk, and it is also a place where many turn left onto Watson Street. I live at the corner of Clinton & Forest, and everyday see many cars speeding out of the Woodfords Corner intersection in those two lanes, then slamming on the brakes and honking where the road becomes one lane with a crosswalk and turning vehicles. I urge you to put up a sign indicating an upcoming lane reduction.
  • Police Issue Archived
    651 Forest Ave Portland 04103, United States - Portland
    Someone threw a rock through the window of the vacant storefront next to Little Woodfords. This corner ally has become an issue for graffiti, needles and now vandalism. Can it be better monitored at night? Thanks
  • 550 Forest Ave Portland 04101, United States - Portland
    Please add a cross walk signal at this intersection. As this neighborhood continuously improves and becomes more walkable - all the new great spots in Woodfords Corner - residents would like to walk places and feel safe crossing Forest Ave which is currently not the case.
  • 692 Forest Ave Portland 04103, United States - Portland

    Literally everyday I drive through this intersection Saunders/Vannah is blocked by traffic on Forest Ave. People don’t stay back at the stop line on Forest and it’s dangerous to weave through the traffic blocking the intersection. This is further compounded by the fact that Vannah and Saunders don’t “line up” so it’s harder to see where the vehicles on the other are trying to go. I have seen/experienced many near misses. Cops would rake in tickets for blocked intersection violations if they parked at the Liberty Tax parking lot every morning and afternoon!

    Please consider either consistent, heavier penalties for blocking this intersection or change the timing of the lights so traffic on Forest (in the stretch between Saunders/ Vannah and Woodfords) has time to clear out before the light goes on for Saunders/Vannah. Thank you.

  • 631 Forest Ave Portland, ME 04101, USA - Portland
    Woodfords corner went through a major redesign and the intersection is still regularly blocked, I sat through 4 green lights this afternoon because cars were bumper to bumper across the intersection! I live on Lower Woodford by the Blvd and can't cross Forrest regularly coming in either direction. Maybe sync up the light at ocean and turn the lights red at Woodford 1 minute before you turn the light red at ocean to stop traffic.
  • 660-670 Forest Ave Portland, ME, 04103, USA - Portland

    Something wrong with the traffic signal at Forest & Woodford. Out of sync with the traffic signal at both Forest & Revere and also the traffic signal at Forest & Ocean.

    Causing major gridlock to an already laughably clogged area of the city.

  • 322 Stevens Ave Portland 04103, United States - Portland
    Traveling west towards Westbrook on Woodfords the lanes should be left turn only and straight/right turn. It's currently reversed and continues to be dangerous for vehicles and bicyclists. A previous issue was filed and the response was that paint teams would be out this summer and address this. This has not happened and summer is almost over.
  • Pothole Archived
    109 Woodford St Portland, ME 04103, USA - Portland
    How soon are we no longer having to deal with the manhole cover obstacle course on lower Woodford?