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  • 200 Center St Chardon, OH 44024, USA - Chardon
    Traffic Light by post office, too long!
  • South St and Park Ave, Chardon, OH 44024, USA - Chardon
    Left turn light from Park Ave. to South Street is way too long. Cars are turning left on red because it takes too long to wait.
  • 199 Meadowlands Dr Chardon, OH 44024, USA - Chardon
    Meadowlands Dr is 25mph. Cars and trucks are often doing in excessive of 40mph and it's dangerous.
  • Horrible road Archived
    330-340 Wilson Mills Rd Chardon, OH 44024, USA - Chardon
    This section of Wilson Mills road is awful. Chardon streets said they were waiting for "Stimulus Money" to fix it. Sorry to say it doesn't appear on the state's list of stimulus projects. No flags or barrels out there either so probably another year before it gets fixed.
  • Cherry / Water Street Chardon - Chardon
    The left turn arrow lasts about 3 seconds allowing typically 1 to 2 cars to get through the intersection. This is very dangerous due to the amount of cars that end up running the light while making a left. The duration of the left turn arrow only should be extended by another 10 seconds or so.
  • 510 5th Ave Chardon, OH 44024, USA - Chardon
    traffic light westbound from the new 5th. Ave. road alignment is
    obstructed by 3 cable wires running in front of the light which creates an optical distortion that is further confusing to drivers due to the poor alignment of the light with the intersection in the first place
  • 300-422 Ohio 44 Chardon, OH 44024, USA - Chardon
    Turning left onto South Street this stop light needs about 10 cars to activate the light to turn green. In the morning traffic, while dropping students off at the high school, cars wanting to turn left onto South Street from Claridon Road pile up sometimes 10 cars while those wishing to turn right on red are left waiting. Wait time is about 7 minutes.