Spring City

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  • E Bridge St Spring City, PA 19475, USA - Spring City
    from the Royersford train tracks to New St in Spring City in need of repaving from it being torn up in numerous places in the past and currently, even tore up some newly repaved areas
  • 75-77 N Main St Spring City, PA 19475, USA - Spring City

    Spring City is a great town but it's getting more and more quiet. There needs to be action taken to bring in new business and increase parking for customers.

    Look at Phoenixville. They have had a few resturants come in that really brought more people to the town. there also needs to be effort put into attracting more of the young 20s. Large festivals would be a good start for this but long term there needs to be more rental units and a more attractive environment.

  • 346 Bridge St Spring City, PA - Spring City
  • Main St Spring city, PA - Spring City
    The Christmas lights on main st. In Spring City are apparently out. When you drive down at night. No lights.
  • 34-98 East Bridge Street Spring City, Pennsylvania - Spring City
    Due to the bridge closure at Linfield and the Rte 23 Detour, traffic on Bridge St. backs up all the way to Rte 724 around rush hour.
    This is because the traffic on N Main St. in Spring City continues to make right turns on red even when opposing traffic has the green arrow for a left turn. E. Bridge St fills up completely and the traffic coming down Bridge St heading east has nowhere to go. A" No Turn On Red"
    sign for traffic on N Main St. would fix this
  • 100 Bridge Street Spring City, Pennsylvania - Spring City
    With the LinfieldTrappe bridge out and Rte 23 closed in Phoenixville, a lot of traffic is diverted into spring City and Royersford. Traffic on N Main St. does not stop turning onto E. Bridge St. and the result is that traffic backs up along E Bridge St.until thee is no room for any traffic turning left from Bridge St. A "no turn on red" sign would be an acceptable and equitable way to solve this problem.