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East Deering

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  • Veranda St & Washington Ave Portland, ME, 04103, USA - Portland
    from 7:30am in the morning until 9:00am the traffic is backed up on veranda street to the point that people are turning around as not to be late for work. It's my opinion that the timing of the traffic light favors Washington Ave. and should be observed to evaluate the situation. Thank you
  • 522 Washington Ave Portland 04103, United States - Portland

    I appreciate the effort to paint street lines on this section of Washington Ave, but whoever did it must’ve been drunk. One lane is super wide and the other lane is barely the width of a car. Also the turn lane onto Veranda as you head towards 295 is pretty much nonexistent. This really needs attention and to be redone done correctly. Definitely a car accident waiting to happen...

    Whoever painted last year did a good job. Rehire them.

  • Other Archived
    54 Olympia St Portland 04103, United States - Portland

    Homeowner regularly throws bread, bagels and other food scraps out into their front yard and front steps and attracts all sorts of Vermin. Squirrels take this food and move it around the neighborhood, I have found it in my own yard.

    Besides this being an eyesore from the street it’s going to start attracting rats to the neighborhood. Can this be addressed before it becomes a more widespread problem for surrounding neighbors please.

  • 592 Washington Ave Portland, ME, 04103, USA - Portland
    I am not sure if I should write this or not but I will try anyway. The problem is my neighbor who lives at 592 Washington Avenue, in Portland Maine 04103 is an exterior hoarder and has a backyard that borders on Illsley Street. The backyard looks like a junkyard it has everything in it kitchen parts, pipes, use car parts, toys, wooden skids, use construction material and more. He buries trash along the neighbors fence and you can see the trash on the side it’s horrible. It attracts rats and rodents in the neighborhood.

    The property is zoned as a two family property in a residential zone. The property is ID #CBL – 166 Dash C001001 or Page/Book 22144046 on the tax assessors page. Please could you send someone over to investigate this complaint. The neighbors would really appreciate it, if you could get Mr. Haendel Lamour to clean up his act and property.
  • 1-25 Presumpscot St Portland, ME, 04103, USA - Portland
    The light to get off Presumpscott street to turn onto Washington ave only stays green for a couple of seconds. Only Able to get a 2 or 3 cars through before it’s red again.
  • Crosswalk Archived
    Baxter Blvd Portland 04103, United States - Portland
    Crosswalk needed here ASAP. This area is notoriously dangerous for walkers, runners, and cyclists. There is traffic coming from three directions, merging, decelerating off the highway, accelerating onto the highway. Ten minutes ago I watched a cyclist come less than a foot away from getting hit by a car while in the crosswalk. He fell off his bike in an attempt to avoid the collision and the driver didn’t even stop. Horrifying and unnecessary. Tons of work has gone into the Veranda intersection right down the street. Put some work into potentially saving a serious fatal accident.
  • 109 Arcadia St Portland, ME, 04103, USA - Portland
    This is actually trash on public property, not private. Somebody has been dumping their household trash in the bushes between the pumping station and the train tracks at the end of the street. I would say there are about a dozen bags of household trash, some of it in white garbage bags, some in purple city bags, some in trash cans, as well as a broken box spring, a lamp, and assorted broken furniture. (These are pretty clearly not the belongings of someone who has been camping out. They appear to have been deliberately dumped.)
  • Parking Archived
    Washington Ave + Oakley St Portland, ME 04103, USA - Portland
    Boat on trailer parked for weeks on public streets. Frequent parking issues at this location
  • Housing Violation Acknowledged
    8 Windsor Ter Portland, ME, 04103, USA - Portland

    Owner is running illegal Air BNB. Unit is not owner occupied and owned by an LLC , not an individual. Also previously rented for a couple years without registering as a rental unit.

    Here is the Air BNB posting for verification.

  • Other Archived
    109 Arcadia St Portland, ME 04103, USA - Portland
    These people moved out on the first and just dumped all thus garbage at the end of Arcadia Street where a lot of us walk our dogs. They were so lazy there is literally garbage in purple city bags.
  • Street Signs Archived
    45 Randall St Portland, ME, 04103, USA - Portland
    Good Morning.
    I am looking to get a few signs posted on my street, I live right next to the Housing development happening on Front street. I am on the corner of Front and Randall. This NEEDS to be a 4 way stop. It’s DANGEROUS.
    All the construction trucks and workers have been flying down my street. To be honest this has been an issue for the past 13 years I have owned this house. Front street is a drag race. We need speed bumps, we need slow, kids live here signs. I have 2 little girls and it’s unsafe for them to even ride their bikes in our neighborhood as people treat it like Washington Avenue. Any help or advice on how to get some signs or speed bumps installed would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you,
  • 56 Illsley St Portland, ME, 04103, USA - Portland
    I would like to report an abandoned car on Illsley Street and West Presumpscot Street it looks like a 2010 Nissan Altima; The front end is smashed up has no bumper and has an expired inspection sticker with State of Maine license plates 364 AYH.
    If this car is not inspected and is not safe to drive it shouldn’t be on our street. Please have it towed away thank you very much.