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Owner of Condo in Fountaine

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  • 849 Cleveland Ave Sw Atlanta, GA, 30344, USA - Perkerson
    Since 2013 the former Pleasers Club on Cleveland Av. has been a burned-out eyesore in our community. It is now covered with graffiti while the rest of the block surrounding it is new businesses. The City has ordinances that require buildings/businesses in this condition be torn down within 60 days of destruction by fire. We are way past that. If this was on Peachtree St. it would have been done already. It is time to move on getting this building gone and the owners held to the law. Our neighborhood doesn't deserve this negligence.
  • 2709 Bayard St East Point 30344, United States - Jefferson Park
    Yard waste and 3 black trash bags, contents unknown.
  • 2410 Jefferson Ter East Point 30344, United States - Jefferson Park
    The abandoned house at 2431 Jefferson Terrace is a public health hazard. The property is open to the elements and the polluted South River stream, which includes sewage, flows through the abandoned structure. See photo. The structure is a fire hazard, a breeding ground for mosquitoes, a habitat for nuisance wildlife, and a blighted property which harms the community’s quality of life and property values. Please add this property to the City’s 50 Worst Properties List and begin the process of demolishing the structure.
  • Street Light Issue Acknowledged
    1128 Brookdale Dr East Point 30344, United States - Jefferson Park
    The tennis and basketball court lights in Brookdale Park are not functional. Last month I was told that the parts were coming in for it but I haven’t seen them working yet. Please fix since this is a safety issue at night
  • 2725 Church St Atlanta, GA, 30344, USA - East Point
    Overgrown grass. This property is owned by Dr. Joshua Olumuyiwa who lives at 117 Sumner Place Court, Peachtree City, GA 30239. He does not care about maintaining this yard. He has not respect for our neighborhood or for the people living in this neighborhood.
  • 2868 Semmes St Atlanta, GA, 30344, USA - East Point
    The property is located NEXT to 2668 Semmes but has no number. Front door is open and hanging off hinges. Windows broken out, trash on porch and around yard. Unsecured building is a safety issue and months of accumulating trash is a sanitation issue. How much longer will these conditions be ignored by city?
  • 2481 Semmes St Atlanta, GA, 30344, USA - East Point

    In front of my home see the dead dogwood tree on the city property is about to fall over & rip down my power lines to my home (justlike happened nextdoor a few mos ago.

    Address is 1819 Spring Avenue
    East Point, GA 30344

    (Clickfix wouldn’t give me option to put the correct address!!)

    Thank you!!!

  • 1810 Montrose Dr East Point 30344, United States - East Point
    Commercial truck parked in driveway for many weeks.
  • 1662 W Taylor Ave East Point 30344, United States - East Point

    House has graffiti in poor repair. Yard needs to be maintained.

    House needs to be maintained

  • 2301-2499 Graywall St Atlanta, GA, 30344, USA - East Point
    This entire stretch of Graywall St belonging to the school is covered with thick layer of leaves, pine needles and broken glass. This includes sidewalk and the chunk of the street. Kids are walking on the street due to this mess.
  • 1850 W Forrest Ave Atlanta, GA 30344, USA - East Point
    Dog is tied to a tree for several hours in the front yard and constantly barks, causing noise issues.
  • 1332 Walker Ave Atlanta, GA, 30344, USA - East Point
    This has been going on for about 2 months now. It seems to be coming from under the street. I’m worried it’s going to be a sink hole.