Center Square & Hudson/Park

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The Center Square and Hudson/Park neighborhoods of Albany.

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  • 259 Lark St Albany, NY, 12210, USA - Center Square

    On an almost daily basis, there are 5-10 particular motorbikes and ATVs speeding on Lark St., at deafening levels, popping wheelies, and often wearing masks. One of the ATV drivers stands on the vehicle as he rides it vertical down the street, unable to see pedestrians, bicyclists, etc. The Mayor's office has stated there are increased patrols in this area as well as plain clothed officers, but there are no signs of either when it comes to this ongoing safety, noise and quality of life issue. It's relatively common knowledge that, almost daily in nice weather, some of the worst noise and safety offenders race down Lark (From the Madison end) popping wheelies down the street toward Central where they are also sometimes seen causing issues, and they have been spotted coming from a side street off Delaware Ave., near Stewarts across from the former Friendly's building (check traffic cameras on Delaware Ave. for Sunday May, 26th between 6:10 PM and 6:45 PM), and they are part of the crew that rides on the sidewalks. One or more of them often has a woman on the back of their vehicle.

    Check the cameras at the intersection of Madison and Lark and all the way down Lark Street (going south to north toward the Armory) for Monday, May 27th. They were directly outside Stacks and Rain at 5:26 PM. popping wheelies as always. Between 5:00-5:05 PM, on May 27th, another of the worst offenders (riding a blue motorbike and wearing a mask from his nose down) rode past the same spot but going north to south towards Madison. And, at 5:42 PM, four more went past also going north to south. Instances like this are reported but the riders are too fast to be caught if APD isn't present when the violations occur. The department has been provided enough information to find the offenders on traffic camera footage and to be waiting for them when they speed by. When it's not raining, try placing a patrol car out of site along the North wall of Rain restaurant (in the parking lot) and typically at least some of the riders will go by. Additional police vehicles could block their way at the end of Lark, toward the armory. Surely APD can out smart and out maneuver these guys with just a little planning and effort.

  • 439 Madison Ave Albany, NY, 12210, USA - Center Square
    The Lark St. area is under siege by hideously loud and dangerous motorcycles/bikes/ATVs, including some mask-wearing drivers. It's inexplicable that APD has stated they don't know how to find them. Anyone who spends even minimal time in this area sees and hears these vehicles any given day up until 4:00 AM. They are in the parking lot of Dunkin Donuts. They are ripping their motors, speeding and doing wheelies on Lark, Madison and in the park. They are racing down sidewalks, menacing cars and pedestrians, and destroying the quality of life. While APD is not pursuing these violators because that could result in injury, innocent citizens are put at risk for injury or worse multiple times a day/night. At least videotape these noise and safety violations, take down license plates, follow them in plane cars and ticket when they are stopped, install free-standing speed bumps, etc. Please address this deadly situation.
  • 300 Lark Street Albany, NY 12210, United States of America - Center Square
    Dirt bikes and ATVs have been racing up and down Lark Street since 6 pm. We've called APD twice this evening to report it and have been given the usual response of "they'll send someone over" but it hasn't stopped. We can't allow this to continue all summer long again, but local representatives don't seem to care. Councilman Conti is silent yet again.
  • Madison Ave & Lark St Albany, NY, 12210, USA - Center Square
    Please Madam Mayor, Chief of Police, BID Members, Neighborhood Association Presidents, and Council Representatives, HELP US. It's miserable in the Dana Ave., Lark, Madison, and Washington Park areas. The Motorcycle noise, loud car stereos and engines, and very dangerous driving by these vehicles, are ruining this area. We can't have our windows open for air. We can't sleep at night. We can't enjoy peace in our homes, or dine outside at area restaurants and it's also very dangerous. Children can't even play outside. These motorcycles, and many off-road vehicles, are speeding, doing wheelies, doing U-turns in the middle of traffic, driving into oncoming traffic, bullying other drivers, driving on the sidewalks, the grass, through the park playground and more. Why is this being allowed? We watch officers witness the behavior and not make any effort to address it, take a photo, take down a license number, NOTHING. When asked why, they say they've been told not to. Why is the safety and quality of life of so many people being put at risk for the possibility of a high speed chase that might never happen? It's absurd, negligent and dangerous.
  • 300 Lark St Albany, NY, 12210, USA - Center Square
    There are people lighting off fireworks (loud ones) all night. Last night someone was lighting off M-80 type fireworks at 2 and 3 in the morning. I don't know how anyone is supposed to sleep and contribute to this neighborhood with hooliganism like that happening all hours. APD should be working to make this neighborhood a better place.
  • 98 Willett St Albany 12210, United States - Center Square

    Last night we had fireworks going off in the neighborhood between 12 and 2 am. All very loud explosions. I called into APD around 1 and was given the same response that they’d send someone over. The fireworks continued. Now tonight they’ve been going off for the last half hour or so and I imagine they’ll continue for some time.

    Calling noise complaints into APD hasn’t seemed to bear fruit (and it’s been happening since LAST summer) so I’ll continue to post them here in hopes that someone, somewhere in our city’s government will eventually care enough to step in.

  • 67 Chestnut St Albany 12210 United States - Center Square
    I called the people listed on the sign and they said they do not have any apartments available at 67 Chestnut St. They also don’t seem to have apartments available now at 71 Chestnut either. Which means both of these signs are illegal and are basically just advertising for the company. They should be removed.
  • 74 Willett St Albany 12210, United States - Center Square
    Fireworks. Fireworks. Fireworks.
  • 259 Lark St Albany, NY, 12210, USA - Center Square
    Rain is one of the nicest maintained restaurants in the area and the building is privately owned. Why are 4 or 5 homeless "traveler" youth and their dogs being allowed to camp there day after day being rude to customers, creating a mess, etc. ? Just because homes and businesses are in a more urban area doesn't make them public property. Much of this area is private property and should be treated, respected and protected as such. That goes for all the people who thinks it's fine to eat their food, drink their booze, and smoke their weed on private stoops at all hours making noise and leaving all of their trash and mess. This is not all public property to be used at will.
  • 439 Madison Ave Albany, NY, 12210, USA - Center Square
    Can a City Official inform area bars and restaurants that customers can't congregate outside after 11:00 PM. Too many seem to think it's enough to tell customers the outside area is closed but still allow them to congregate outside after that, including until 2:00 and 4:00 AM.
  • Lark St & Madison Ave Albany, NY, 12210, USA - Center Square
    This weekend was so dangerous and miserable for the Lark, Madison and Washington Park areas with the motorcycles, motorbikes, ATVs (and outrageously loud car stereos and fireworks until 3:00 AM) and July 4th is coming. This areas is getting a very negative reputation, and how disruptive this will be when Park Playhouse starts. Please provide a meaningful response here Albany City Officials. Also, can we enlist the State Police since our local department does not appear to be addressing these issues in any noticeable or effective way? What about contacting our political representatives beyond the Mayor and Common Council? Is there anyone in the Governor's Office who might care or be of help? Even though Dunkin Donuts is a franchise, would Corporate condone it being used as a gathering place that exacerbates some of this? Maybe they should be notified by the neighborhood associations. Other communities are finding ways to address this issue. Here's a news story about one of them Does Albany PD uses the StopIt app mentioned in this news clip and that other communities are using? What would it take to get that in place APD? It may also be time for Letters to the Editors, contacting TV news stations, and letters to the Mayor's office. Citizens are a part of the equation, but can't do this alone.
  • 61-199 Willett St Albany, NY, 12210, USA - Hudson Park
    For well over 3 hours, the motorcycles have been racing through the neighborhood and park, and the patios are still filled with loud crowds at both Lark Tavern and the Lionheart. APD, please inform the establishments that patrons need to be inside and so does the noise as of 11:00 PM. Having blaring music with the doors open is NOT adherence either. As is typical, there is no police presence and the issues have been reported without police response. Someone from the city will post to call the police as though that hasn't already been done. How about instructing the establishments and the police to do their jobs instead of telling others to keep futilely calling. Someone on another post mentioned calling the state police to ask for their assistance since Albany PD is not patrolling or enforcing in this area and has not been with any consistency or resolution of issues for a number of years.