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  • Highway 34 E Newnan 30265, United States - Newnan
    Can we please add some more time (green light) for the left turn lanes into the Home Depot shopping center. The line is getting to ridiculous levels.
  • 10 Brown St Newnan 30263, United States - Newnan
    Construction gravel and sand washing down the street. Streets are slick and dirty. Clean it up.
  • 26 Briandwood Dr Newnan, GA, 30265, USA - Newnan
  • 20 Market Square Way Newnan, GA 30265, USA - Newnan
  • Tree Issues Archived
    43 Main St Newnan, GA, 30263, USA - Newnan
    Overgrowth at 43 Main St. is making visibility limited for drivers exiting East St @ intersection of Jefferson/Main St.How can I request for an evaluation of the same intersection for new "traffic calming devices" such as mirror on adjacent utility pole, caution signage , or caution signal etc. ?
  • 371 Newnan Crossing Byp Newnan 30265, United States - Newnan
    People can’t figure this intersection out!!! We have to have left turn lights added at this intersection. I’ve come through here 3x the last two days and you always have one idiot who won’t go and only 2 cars get to turn on a green light cycle. Please add a dedicated left green light.
  • 1-3 Douglas Dr Newnan, GA, 30263, USA - Newnan
    Utility box damaged and left unrepaired. Not sure if city property or a utility, but is a hazard.
  • Tree Issues Acknowledged
    20 Smith St Newnan, GA, 30263, USA - Newnan
    One of the tress collapsed and is holding it’s Weight by leaning on another one, that’s about to collapsed as well. It probably just need one bad storm or heavy rain day for it for go down. The tress would land either on the driveway of 20 smith at or on top of the house itself. Can somebody please come have a look.
  • 213 Southwind Ln Newnan, GA, 30265, USA - Newnan
    Light flickers in and out.
  • Street Light Out Acknowledged
    8 E Newnan Rd Newnan, GA 30263, USA - Newnan
    Street light not working.
  • 21 Village Pass Newnan, GA, 30265, USA - Newnan

    Neighbor at 21 Village Pass has excessive dog barking between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM. We have personally requested they assist with resolving the issue without and success.

    Request support from the City as this may be a noise ordinance violation.

  • 12 Kingsbrook Trce Newnan, GA, 30265, USA - Newnan
    Culvert between houses need cleaning or redigging. During heavy rain, water overflow s and washes out and floods backyard. Also notice two large areas eroding partly due to this. These areas are 10' deep and probably 30x30. I need to know whose responsibility this is. Richard Quesenberry