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  • Interstate 94 Brookfield, WI 53005, USA - Brookfield
    Design of the offramp is flawed. Needs to be redesigned. Car slide down the off ramp in bad weather conditions right on to the median and damage their vehicle even more by hitting the 5 different arrow signs right at the bottom of the offramp. Brookfield must make so much money replacing those signs, I drive past regularly and see signs down and up everyday. something needs to be done before someone is killed rain or snow people are continuously sliding off this ramp.
  • Intersection Of Greenfield Avenue And Elm Grove Road Brookfield, Waukesha, Wisconsin - Brookfield
    At the intersection of Greenfield Avenue and Elm Grove road is a very low sewer cap that has sunk at least six inches below road level. Same thing happend a little EAST, on Greenfild Ave. That was repaired. Great job to County! Now let's get this one I mentioned. Almost side swiped car trying to avoid it. LEFT lane when you are driving East on Greenfield Ave.
  • Northbound On Sunny Slope Rd Between Forest Grove Rd And Beechwood Dr Brookfiled/New Berlin, Wisconsin - Brookfield
    going NB on sunnyslope road (east side of road just before crossing the bridge)...between forest grove rd & beechwood dr (at the connection of the road and the bridge) there is a deep dip that needs to be filled. can't avoid due to oncoming traffic. hope you can fill it. thanks.
  • LARGE POTHOLE Archived
    Moorland Rd Brookfield, Wisconsin - Brookfield
    There is a very VERY LARGE pothole on MOORLAND RD. As you LEAVE off ramp in RIGHT TURNING LANE, (I - 94 east bound going SOUTH) ONTO MOORLAND RD. Have to deviate to avoid hitting it. MIDWAY HOTEL IS RIGHT NEAR IT.
  • Elm Grove Rd. And Greenfield Ave. Intersection Brookfield, Wisconsin - Brookfield
    At the intersection of Elm Grove RD. And Greenfield Ave. two very large potholes on Brookfield side. Both hole are on the north side of Greenfield ave. When driving SOUTH on Elm Grove RD and turning to go WEST ONTO Greenfield ave. Also, when driving WEST on Greenfield ave and turning to drive NORTH onto Elm Grove RD.
    Thank you
  • Reinders Dr Brookfield, WI, 53005, USA - Brookfield
    There's a huge pothole on Reinders Drive in between the Hooters and the Urgent Care center. It's on the righthand driveway as it exits out to Bluemound Road.
  • 124th And Greenfield Brookfield, WI - West Allis
    The corner of 124th and Greenfield is a mess with large cracks in pavement. The problem is it is a County Highway that will be fixed in 2012 but walking pedestrians can get hurt by getting their feet stuck or even bicyclists can get hurt. There are alot of huge potholes.
  • N 124th St & W Burleigh Rd Brookfield, WI 53005, USA - Brookfield
    Heading north on 124th at the Burleigh intersection the light in the boulevard is out.
  • Parkmoor Ave. & Greenfield Ave. Brookfield, Wisconsin - Brookfield
    Two LOW sewer caps on Greenfield ave. Between PARKMOOR AND WEBSTER AVE. EAST bound while driving on GREENFIELD AVE.
    Live near this area, every time a large truck drives over low sewer caps there is a LOUD BANG, BANG noise. DAY AFTER DAY! Night after night!
  • Moreland Rd. And Greenfield Ave. Intersection Brookfield, WI - Brookfield
    A VERY LARGE pot hole in turning lane (left lane) when on Moreland rd going SOUTH, and turning to go EAST onto Greenfield Ave. Somebody could BLOW a tire going through it! Please fill!
  • Nassau Dr And Country Lane Brookfield, Wisconsin - Brookfield
    Drivers routinely driving through this 1/2 blind intersection at crazy speeds. Called City hall and the two aldermen who own each side of street and emailed them and no response/nothing done (can't wait till they ask for us to vote for them again). Has been going on for years and many neighbors have called - especially after accidents. Had car go out of control and up into our yard and police said to call and ask for some additional controls. Could have hit our kids or any of the many people who walk this route. Don't understand why Nassau and Windemere which is not nearly as busy has yield signs and there are none on this busy intersection? Someone is going to get hit!
  • 19707-20249 W North Ave Brookfield, WI 53045, USA - Brookfield