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  • 2875 Hambleton Rd Riva, MD, 21140, USA - Riva
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  • Riva MD, USA - Riva
    The children's playground could use a little TLC, such as power washing slides; repair and replacement of rotten boarder 4x4s or removal of protruding boarder spikes that could cause injury, repair of broken swing and some new mulch :-) Thank you for your consideration of sprucing up the children's playground.
  • Pothole Archived
    508 Walnut Dr Riva, MD, 21140, USA - Riva
    2ft L plus x 6-7 inches plus pothole. I filled it in with pea gravel and it has all come out. Thanks for your help and time!
    Pati Patrick
  • 3225 Chalford Ct Davidsonville, MD, 21035, USA - Riva
    Hello, my recycle container itself is fine, the wheel however seems to have come off and is not near my bin to put back on.
  • 12 Shore Walk Rd Riva, MD, 21140, USA - Riva
    I do not understand how this house can be allowed to remain in such an unstable and unsafe state. It is easily accessible and if someone, especially a child, gets in this house, I truly believe it might collapse. Not only is it a safety issue but an eye sore to the entire community.
  • Fern Rd Riva, MD, 21140, USA - Riva
    New construction for over a year and mud is running down the street every rain. Water community mud running into the bay.
  • 3255 Breckenridge Way Riva, MD, 21140, USA - Riva
    There is a body of water in the Waterford community which is a habitat for waterfowl, wading birds and many other birds and wild life. The water is now being drained from this location. Two men at the site stated that there were working on pipes and needed to drain the water. These men did not appear to be county employees. Is the county draining this body of water? Can these water levels be quickly restored?
  • 545 Fern Rd Riva, MD, 21140, USA - Riva
    New construction causes a mud river to run down Fern Rd into the south river. Rocks and mud everywhere.
  • 101-199 Ridge Rd Riva, MD, 21140, USA - Riva
    Odor of strong sewer gas coming from the sewer manholes in the street. On Ridge Road in Sylvan Shores
  • 610-618 Governor Bridge Rd Davidsonville, MD, 21035, USA - Riva
    There is a waterline break on Governors Bridge road near the Riva road entrance. It is about 200 feet from the entrance of Riva Road coming down the embankment on the curve. When the weather turns cold and it freezes. This area will be an ice sheet and an accident will happen.
  • Tree Trimming Archived
    397–423 Westbury Dr Riva 21140, United States - Riva
    Dying tree, please remove at earliest convenience. Tree next to park along side community post board.
  • Breckenridge Cir & Breckenridge Way Riva, MD, 21140, USA - Riva

    There needs to be another stop sign where Breckenridge Way meets Breckenridge Circle - in the Waterford community off of Riva road - to stop traffic on Breckenridge Way where it meets the stop sign on Breckenridge Circle. People continually do twice the posted 30 MPH speed limit on Breckenridge Way and the people stopped at Breckenridge Circle have a real issue pulling out. It's like trying to merge onto an express way from a dead stop. I live on the corner and have witnessed one accident and a lot of near misses. A simple stop sign would force the oncoming traffic to stop and allow for a safer environment for everyone. It's also where the bus drops kids from school. There have been near misses with children too. I've alerted the Waterford HOA as well. With the rate of speed people travel on Breckenridge Way an accident and a law suit is inevitable.

    Thanks for considering this.