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  • Tampa FL - Downtown
    I using a wheel chair and it is very hard for me to connect to my buses at Busch Blvd. and Nebraska Ave. because the stops for the 400 are so far from the intersection. I would like to see closer bus stops to the intersection so that it's not so long a walk from the nearest 400 stop.
  • Tampa FL, USA - Downtown
    I saw on TV that the Mayor of Tampa got on the bus with a dog not on a leash, but when I tried to board the bus with my husband we were told we couldn't board the bus unless my dog was on a leash or in a cage. I recently visited my brother in Seattle and they allow dogs on their buses as long as they are well behaved, I would like to ask that dogs be allowed on the buses, even a small dog, would be a step in that direction.
  • OneBusAway Archived
    1201 E 7th Ave Tampa, FL, 33605, USA - Historic Ybor
    OneBus Away functions for certain buses and not others. On some buses the app can be off by up to 20 minutes. You can see the bus down the street and watch the app change the arrival time 3 times. Almost 100 percent of the time while you walk to the busstop the arrival time changes and usually by more than 5 minutes. OneBus says it is a HART issue and HART says it is an app issue. The HART call center representatives refused to document any calls related to OneBus. Drivers do not even know when riders are getting wrong information. When I asked one driver she was surprised and three other passengers told her they had the same experience. The biggest problem is when it shows negative 2 or 3 minutes and that the bus has departed so you have to make other arrangements but actually in many cases the information is incorrect and it has not yet arrived. You have no way of knowing whether it is correct or not.
  • 4011 S Manhattan Ave Tampa, FL, 33611, USA - Bayside West
    I'm trying to give a heads-up, the evacuation shelter signs on the bus stops on Manhattan Ave, are on the wrong side. It used to be Route S going Northbound. Since the change, now it is Route F going Southbound to Middleton High School. I'm concerned for the residents. And it also mentions pets and Middleton High School does not allow pets. I've contacted Hillsborough County and the City of Tampa regarding this matter. I'm sure all routes need to be looked at.
  • Central Ave Tampa, FL, 33602, USA - Downtown
    There's no soap dispenser in the men's bathroom at MTC.
  • S Dale Mabry Hwy & W Angeles St Tampa, FL, 33629, USA - Palma Ceia West
    The route 36 at 4:06pm is always late arriving at Dale Mabry Hwy & Angeles St going North. The schedule needs to be adjusted so I am not out waiting in this heat.
  • Tampa FL, USA - Downtown
    I would like for the route 275 to also go to the Brandon Mall both during the northbound and southbound routes.
  • 908 E Waters Ave - Sulphur Springs

    Bus well over 5 minutes late

    agency_name=Hillsborough Area Regional Transit;
    gtfs_stop_id=Hillsborough Area Regional Transit_7225;
    stop_name=Waters Av @ 9th St;
    route_id=Hillsborough Area Regional Transit_16;
    block_id=Hillsborough Area Regional Transit_316320;
    trip_id=Hillsborough Area Regional Transit_1483951;
    trip_headsign=East to Yukon;
    vehicle_id=Hillsborough Area Regional Transit_1507;
    vehicle_location=27.99867820739746 -82.5627212524414;
    schedule_deviation=1.000 min early;
    stop_arrival_time=11:51 AM;
    stop_departure_time=11:51 AM;

  • N Brush St & E Jackson St Tampa, FL, 33602, USA - Channelside
    While the N Brush and E Jackson St location in Tampa is listed on the Hart website for route as well as real time status, there is no bus stop sign in this location. Request to install a sign.
  • 2605 W Swann Ave Tampa, FL 33609, USA - Courier City
    Route 14 scheduled at 5:50 a.m.-arrived 3 minutes early leaving 3 of us behind. Two more left at the next stop. Driver always trying to avoid a red light. Needs to watch for riders coming off other buses and not be in such a rush and rude.
  • OneBusAway Archived
    Tampa FL, USA - Downtown
    I tried to use the One Bus Away app to find out when the next 20X would arrive at Marion St and Washington. The information was not available; the image was not showing up. I am on the bus now but would have liked to know how long my wait would be.
  • 4th Ave & N 15th St - Historic Ybor

    Bus driver skipped the detour and then continued past the shut down street to two blocks past it thus skipping me in a pick up

    gtfs_stop_id=Hillsborough Area Regional Transit_3907;
    stop_name=7th Av @ 15th St;