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  • New York 378 Menands, NY 12204, USA - Menands
    Upon getting onto 378West , from 787 north Watervliet exit, 378 has horrible speed bump-like fill-ins that extend across the whole road, that not only disrupt your vehicle from driving safely but also can damage your car, affect front end allignment and more. There are 2 really bad spots right away and then a milder series of many bumps all the way up the 378 hill. On the other side of 378East going down the hill to get onto 787 you are lucky enough to hit a few more!
  • New York 378 Menands, NY 12204, USA - Menands
    The potholes going up the hill on 378 W are terrible! There is one in-particular half-way up the hill that is like a crater!
  • 279 Van Rensselaer Blvd Menands, NY 12204, USA - Menands
    The awful condition of Rt. 378 has been neglected and ignored for years. It seems so many so that the bumpy, bone jarring ride up and down the hill along the section in front of the Albany Cemetery has become uncomfortably accepted.
  • Rough road Archived
    New York 378 Menands, NY 12204, USA - Menands
    Road paving/patching is raised above road surface, effectively creating speed bumps on westbound 378 between 32 and 377. It'll knock your car out of alignment.
  • 91-97 Menand Rd Menands, NY 12204, USA - Menands

    I don't know what the people at the Highway Department are thinking, but the 4-lane part of Route 378 has been patched so many times, that the patches' patches' patches have patches on them!

    This road is an absolute shambles! It is literally crumbling under our tires!!

    This shouldn't even be considered a road, because it's NOT a road-- it's a LOGGING TRAIL!!

    I visited the U.S.S.R. during the time of Communism and the roads were in better condition than this one!!!

    As far as I'm concerned, this 4-lane stretch of Route 378 is the absolute WORST ROAD in the Capital District, HANDS DOWN!!

  • FIXED Archived
    State Highway 378 Menands, NY 12204, USA - Menands
    Deep pothole on on ramp from 787 north to 378 bridge.
  • Broadway/Wards Lane Intersection Menands, NY 12204, USA - Menands
    When coming down the hill on Wards Lane, several times I have sat for 5+ minutes behind others trying to turn left with the traffic sensor not tripping for traffic on Wards Lane. Eventually, people either go through the Mobil station, make a Right on Red or just go left on the red light. It seems to happen more frequently in the snow, but still occurs in good weather as well. An in-ground loop would be ideal, however at the very least the sensor up on the pole should be adjusted.
  • Rough Road Archived
    106-122 Menand Rd Menands, NY 12204, USA - Menands

    There are pot holes and rough road throughout Rt 378. It makes it both hazardous and noisy when trucks run over the rough pavement.

    It appears as though there is an intention to fix it as the flaws are marked with notes. These have been marked now for a month but no action

  • 580 Broadway Menands, New York - Menands

    The Burger King in Menands has been vacant for approximately 3 years now.

    The sign says, "Closed for Renovations", but it has been sitting vacant since about 2010.

    Is the City of Menands assessing fines on Burger King for every day this store is not opened?

    Are the taxes being paid? Is anyone checking this stuff out so that the taxpayers don't keep losing money on all these derelict properties around here? Who is in charge of this?

    Is this store ever going to reopen, or is it going to be abandoned forever like all the other businesses in this town?

  • 434 Broadway Menands, New York - Menands

    Is this abandoned building's foundation going to stay like this forever? Is anyone ever going to DO anything about all these useless abandoned properties around here?

    I mean, what a disgrace it is to see the massive amount of blight all over the place in this area!

    This community should be ashamed of themselves to allow these disgusting empty lots to just languish for years and years around here!

    This place is a GHOST TOWN!!! No wonder people are moving out of NY in DROVES!

  • Route 378 Archived
    State Highway 378 Menands, NY 12204, USA - Menands
    Horrible - for as long as I can remember this stretch of highway comining from route 9 heading towards Menands/Troy. When is this going to be addressed?
  • 69-79 Scott Dr Menands, NY 12204, USA - Menands
    National Grid will not repair or take ownership for 4 street lamps that are out.