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  • 8400 Barstow St Ne Albuquerque, NM, 87122, USA - Albuquerque

    Barstow between Alameda and Paseo Del Norte has new road striping creating wonderful bike lanes for the kids to be able to ride to and from Desert Ridge safely. Unfortunately due to the new striping and the excessive number of cars that drop off and pick up from Desert Ridge, there needs to be a change in signage and protection/enforcement of the new striping.

    Currently, the north bound bike lane becomes completely filled with cars lining up to turn right onto Greenarbor before and after school. There was a sign that said “Right lane right turn only” for Greenarbor, but now there is only one traffic lane, which is why the cars move to the right into the bike lane, blocking access completely.

    Additionally, after school, Barstow north of Greenarbor fills up almost all the way to Alameda with parked cars in the bike lane waiting to pick up kids from the school. This creates a very unsafe situation where the bikes can’t ride in the bike lane and they can’t ride on the sidewalks due to walkers. If the bikes ride in the area to the left of the cars, then car doors can open unexpectedly or cars pull out once they pick up their child, putting the bikers at risk.

    If the city can add “Bike Lane only” painting to the road, and enforce the no parking on Barstow (signs are present) then hopefully that will help. Another option would be to put pylons or some other barricade to protect the bike lanes that would help keep the cars separate.

    APD was on site this morning assessing the situation and is working with Principal Saucedo. They have provided recommendations for solutions to improve traffic flow and safety. As a concerned parent, I am respectfully requesting this issue receive priority so our kids can safely use alternative modes of transportation to get to and from school.

    Thank you

  • Golf Course Rd Nw & Paseo Del Norte Nw Albuquerque, NM, 87120, USA - Richland Hills
    Starbucks built a drive thru coffee shop on the Smiths parking lot: you access the drive thru by turning off Golf Course at first turn going south after Paseo Del Norte. This is causing a back up of traffic coming across Paseo Del Norte and people turning to get to Smiths parking lot. On Tuesday 7/21 @ 10:15 am going to grocery store, had to wait a long 5-7 minutes to be able to turn because of the Starbucks drive thru traffic; again today 7/25 at 10:40 am, the same event. A real snafu.
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    505 Marquette Ave Nw Albuquerque, NM 87102, USA - Downtown

    Non emergency parking by police expired meters during active meter monitoring times


       (A)   Except in a period of emergency determined by an officer of the Fire Department or Police Department, or except in compliance with a uniformed police officer engaged in directing traffic, any vehicle parked or standing in a space regulated by a parking meter between the hours and on the days specified on the meter shall be lawfully parked or standing only when the owner, operator or driver of such vehicle, upon parking or standing a vehicle in the metered parking space, shall immediately deposit payment as specified on the meter regulating such parking space.  Failure to deposit the proper payment as required shall constitute a violation of this section. When the “VIOLATION” indicator is showing, it shall be presumptive evidence that any vehicle found parked or standing in a regulated metered space is parked or standing in violation of this section.  The provisions of this section shall not relieve any person from the duty to observe other and more restrictive provisions prohibiting or limiting the stopping, standing or parking of vehicles.

  • 13136 Wenonah Ave Se Albuquerque, NM, 87123, USA - Singing Arrow
    Now that Don Harris has closed off half of Singing Arrow Park for HIS new community center, the local residents who have faithfully picked up trash in the park are no longer volunteering. Families and pet walkers are no longer safe using the park because of the homeless that have taken over occupancy and left feces and other trash as shown in the photo.
  • 2001-2099 Moon St Ne Albuquerque, NM, 87112, USA - North Eastern

    5/3/2019 - 9:00 AM

    I am the owner of a local business. I arrived to my clients house at Moon and Snow Heights blvd, to find that construction crews had created a road hazard while attempting to repave a road. Because of this hazard, several of my belongings were destroyed.

    While attempting to back into a driveway, an improperly placed cone became wedged under my truck against the axle and oil pan. This also dragged asphalt everywhere. The construction crew proceeded to honk horns and yell. They then stood in the street, complaining to me about running over this cone, while offering no help at all.

    While removing this cone from under my truck, wet asphalt ruined my uniform shirt, pants, shoes, and spread onto my clients driveway. My uniform shirt is an ANSI class 2 shirt - it keeps me from getting hit by vehicles when working near roads.... This is a danger to my personal safety.

    ***This was all because your construction crew was in violation of several traffic and safety laws.***

    1. These crews improperly placed the traffic cones. I hit 1-2 cones just attempting to drive straight down the road. They made the lanes so narrow, they were smaller than most vehicles attempting to pass through. I witnessed several other vehicles impact these cones with both tires and the body of their vehicle.

    2. These crews failed to place proper warning signs, and redirection signage. As I was working out front, there was a constant disruption at the intersection, because none of the drivers could see if the road was closed. It was only later on that they finally added small signs. These were not large orange signs, they were small signs tied to traffic cones (less than 2 feet off the ground).

    3. These cones were so filthy and covered in asphalt, that half of them were BLACK - both the orange on the cone and the reflective safety strip were not visible on many of the cones. This is not only dangerous, it's illegal.

    4. These workers had placed these cones directly in front of driveways. Most of these driveways are single-car, so with a traffic cone directly in front of the driveway, there is no way to pull any vehicle in/out without impacting or driving over the cone.

    5. I'd also like to point out that this street and area have been repaved multiple times this year alone. It has been done poorly every single time, with asphalt littered all over the curbs and sidewalks.

    Please advise on what email address I will need to send my bill, as the City will absolutely be charged for this damage. This situation, and the damaged caused by this situation, could have been prevented by these construction crews.

    The construction in this city is constant - if you are going to close lanes and roads, you will do it properly and you will follow state regulated safety guidelines and standards.

    And because this is being publicly posted, I'm going to urge everyone to report all of these construction crews. This is an ongoing problem in this city and it's time to change that.

  • 604 San Pablo St Ne Albuquerque, NM, 87108, USA - La Mesa
    Big Dawg Mobile BBQ continues to violate city environmental and zoning codes by operating a mobile food truck with a commercial BBQ trailer attached within the driveway of the owner's residence on June 8, 2019. Smoke from this operation is entering neighbors' homes.
  • Graffiti Acknowledged
    5518–5698 MontañO Rd Nw Albuquerque NM 87120, United States - Albuquerque
    This is the second year I have seen this graffiti painted on the wall facing Montano. It is ugly and completely unacceptable. Allowing this to continue sends a message that it's okay to write whatever personal message you want on a wall that is facing a public thoroughfare. It's is trashy and needs to be removed immediately. The lady who painted it should be fined to cover the cost of the wasted time dealing with it and cited to prevent further waste of City resources in the future.
  • 2600 Pennsylvania St Ne Albuquerque, NM, 87110, USA - Sombra Del Monte
    I received a $30 parking ticket on April 30 at this location. The ticket says this side of the street is a bike lane. The only sign on that block indicating a bike lane is almost completely hidden by trees. The one pavement indicator is so faded as to be almost invisible. There were many cars parked on the street on that block and it looked like everyone one got a ticket. I talked to one other driver and they were VERY upset and felt like the city was just ripping people off with hidden signs and ticket writers waiting to pounce. I went to the same location the next day at the situation was the same...lots of cars parked on the street with most of them having a parking ticket on their windshield. I went ahead and paid the fine since I don't have time to go to the courthouse to protest and then go back again for a hearing. I feel like I've been ripped off by the city, along with everyone else who parked there not knowing it was a bike lane.
  • 9100 Jensen Ct Ne Albuquerque, NM, 87112, USA - North Eastern
    Now there are 2 cars parked on the grass at 9100 Jensen Ct. NE 87112. A couple of neighbors have complained to me about these cars as it makes the neighborhood look like crap.
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    I-40 W Albuquerque 87112, United States - Albuquerque
    Oh Come on! The village is growing again! The park is suppose to be closed at 10pm and camping is not legal! Also they are camping in the no trespassing area! This is getting really old!
  • 9500 Adonai Rd Nw Albuquerque, NM 87121, USA - Avalon
    Off Bluewater rd wher the new road construction is starting for the new Daytona Loop. people are dumping trash and it looks horrible
  • 219 Morningside Dr Se Albuquerque NM 87108, United States - Se Heights
    Someone threw trash from the bin EVERYWHERE