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  • 2510 Brentwood Ct Decatur, GA 30032, USA - Candler-McAfee
    There was construction performed down the st and now the street and gutters are caked in mud. It could cause drainage issues next time it rains.
  • 2382 Tilson Forest Dr Decatur 30032, United States - Candler-McAfee
    This pothole is large and a danger to cars who cannot see it since it’s on a curve in the road.
  • 1721-1749 Old Hickory St Decatur, GA, 30032, USA - Belvedere Park
    This dead tree fell into the street Friday and is still there
  • 1946 Timberwood Trce Decatur, GA, 30032, USA - DeKalb County
    Abandoned blue Chevy truck on street. It's been there for months. Expired registration. Please tow immediately.
  • Keheley Dr Decatur, GA, 30032, USA - Candler-McAfee
    There is a running water hydrant on the corner of Keheley Dr. and McAfee Rd. Someone put caution tape around it; however, it is still running into the street.
  • 2288 Mark Trl Decatur 30032, United States - Candler-McAfee
    There’s A giant brick mailbox at the end of my driveway. I’m not sure how it got there, it was never mine. It just showed up one day and is trying to get closer to the middle of my driveway.
  • 2390–2520 Flat Shoals Rd Decatur 30032, United States - Candler-McAfee
    There’s a very deep hole in the intersection of Second and Flat Shoals. It mostly affects those traveling west on Flat Shoals and turning north onto Second. It could easily destroy a tire or even part of your car.
  • Candler Rd Decatur, Georgia - Candler-McAfee
    There are several large holes and water meters missing there covers in the sidewalk on Candler Rd between Memorial Dr and Midway Rd.
  • 1824 Second Ave Decatur 30032, United States - Candler-McAfee
    A garbage truck dropped a bag of garbage in the road. It got hit by a car and scattered all over the road. It’s been there for three days.
  • 1486 Catherine St Decatur, GA 30030, USA - Belvedere Park

    right of way needs additional silt fence etc.

    curb at risk of washout of road.

  • Atlanta 30317 United States - Edgewood-Kirkwood
    Many drivers bypass traffic by driving almost 65 in the turn lane. It’s dangerous and rude.
    I have seen 75-year-old snapping turtle trying to cross from Dolittle Creek to the golf-course pond. I tried to get the snapping turtle, almost 2 1/2 feet long, back to the creek, since it was in danger of getting hit by a car trying to get past the gate to the pond. I have seen an OTTER dead by the road here, and many dead raccoon and possums. This sad situation needs to be addressed.
  • 1854 Cannon St Decatur, GA, 30032, USA - East Lake Terrace
    Every power pole on my street has a street light except the pole in front of my house. How can i go about getting a street light on that power pole? The pole is in between 1854 and 1858 Cannon St. Decatur GA 30032. Thank you.