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  • Dave & Buster'S 1 Crossgates Mall Rd, Albany, NY, 12203, USA - Westmere
    I was in dave and buster’s today (11/26/2019) right around 8pm looking into the left spongebob machine because my wife loves to collect the missing cards for her collection. A group of older looking teenagers walked by behind me and one of them squirts his spit all over the back of my neck and most of them run off together. I chased them down to confront them but everyone stayed silent except for one kid, the one I believe did it, who feigned ignorance and had the nerve to ask me if I wasn’t sure that it was perfume. I went back inside to speak with the manager to look at surveillance to figure out who spit on me but he informed me that I would need a police report to identify who spit on me. Now I don’t want this teenager to go to jail but I do want to know who did it so an adult can have serious conversation with him. He needs to be told that actions of this type isn’t appropriate and there should be consequences to discourage future behavior like this. If anyone could help me figure out what the next move should be then that would be greatly appreciated.