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  • 815 E Locust St Milwaukee, WI 53212 - Riverwest

    Loud music you can hear inside your house half a block away, patrons who are loud and disruptive when coming and going - hanging out by their cars, shouting across the street & talking very loud outside (often vulgar), illegal parking by patrons AND staff. Litter all over the 800 block of Locust including liquor and beer bottles, "blunt wrapper" & cigar packages, bar napkins, broken glass (bar glasses or ashtrays), fast food garbage. Fighting & bumping car stereos outside, hanging out after hours (outside AFAIK), speeding & reckless driving, and who knows what else. Staff has been unresponsive and sometimes rude if confronted on these issues.

    I don't mind what sort of music they play, or what clientele they cater to as long as they are respectful to the neighborhood - so far it's NOT the case.

  • 2403 N Booth St Milwaukee, WI - Riverwest



    Owner is PRO-TOUCH REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS LLC based in New Jersey. Local operator is ANNE M COLLINS, 9449 N 49TH STREET #102, BROWN DEER WI 53223
    [414] 628-2355

    ANTHONY MAHER and SIPHO SIBIYA appears on DNS owner record. PO BOX 025654 KANSAS CITY MO 64102-0000
    [609] 374-4552

    This looks like a serious candidate for a growing nuisance property. Help nip it in the bud by reporting relevant issues to DNS and MPD.

  • 800 E. Locust St. Milwaukee Wi - Riverwest

    I have seen at least 3 rear-end accidents in front of my store on the 800 block of E. Locust, traveling west just before the stoplight at Fratney. Either people can't see the light, don't know it's there, or simply don't pay attention. When traffic slows or stops before that intersection - POW ! People get rear ended.
    Two of the recent accidents were back to back, one day after the other, then another the next week.

    There was another near Holton the other day where the 2nd car ended up ON TOP of the first car !

    I don't know how to solve this really, aside from widening the street so that it's 4 lanes from the bridge all the way to Hopkins, but that won't happen, nor would I want it to.

    The speed limit is already 25, though no one realizes it and everyone goes 30+. Although I don't think speed is the problem as much as inattentive driving, and people not expecting traffic to stop at a minor intersection.

    If they took out the light at Fratney, it would probably just move the accidents closer to Holton, and result in more speeding on Locust.

    Warning signs would probably not be noticed or ignored. A flashing yellow light with a sign might help.

    I think the only solution that would really work would be to replace the light at Fratney with a larger, more visible light - the kind that hang over the intersection.

    One of the accidents the other week, the car hopped the curb. They didn't get too far - the right wheel was only about a foot over the curb.

    There are a lot of pedestrians on Locust - including kids and the stores on this block are pretty close to the street. How long before a car hits someone on the sidewalk, or crashes into a storefront trying to avoid an accident ?

    I doubt they'll replace the stoplight, but we at least need a "slow - stop ahead" sign or something.

  • 2758 N Booth St Milwaukee, WI 53212 - Riverwest
  • 2813 N Humboldt Blvd Milwaukee, WI 53212, USA - Riverwest

    My 97 Honda's driver side door lock was been broken by a screwdriver last Thursday or Friday night Dec 4-5. My next door neighbor's car was also broken into and the steering column stripped about 2 weeks before. We are on the 2800 block of Humboldt in the alley.

    Both cars are older model, not desirable cars so we were both surprised by the attempted theft. I think the same person broke my lock less dramatically about 6 weeks ago and came back to try again. All of our cars are now wearing Clubs. If anyone else is having these problems - let the police know and maybe they will increase patrols.

  • 2320 N Holton St Milwaukee, WI - Riverwest

    It's been a dump a long time. This whole intersection is TERRIBLE. If you agree, tell:

    Alderwoman Coggs (414) 286-2221 mcoggs@milwaukee.gov

    Alderman Kovac (414) 286-2221

    If you would like to organize with other nearby residents to get Holton and North cleaned up up, email dan@riverwestneighborhood.org

  • 3073 N. Humboldt Blvd. Milwaukee, WI 53212 - Riverwest

    An incident (#091410160) of Burglary was recorded at 3073 N HUMBOLDT BL on May 21, 2009 @ 05:26 PM. The final outcome or disposition of this incident was recorded as Filed (Other).
    If you have any information regarding this crime you can call the District #5 station at 935-7253.

    Please click the link below for information regarding obtaining a Police Report.

    Crime data can be viewed on maps by using the City of Milwaukee COMPASS "Community Mapping" application at http://www.city.milwaukee.gov/display/router.asp?docid=13176

  • 429 E Meinecke Ave Milwaukee, WI 53212 - Harambee
    5/29: 2nd Friday in a row, always from 5-6pm, a crowd of young people grows and cruising commences, blocking the street. Today it also resulted in a gun fight, evidently with no one injured. This activity has been common at this location in previous summers but seems to be starting stronger and earlier this year.
  • 2555 N 1st St Milwaukee, WI 53212 - Harambee
    [THIS IS AN APPROXIMATE ADDRESS.] Since early 2009 a gang presence and activity has been observed in this area. [1st and 2nd St south of Center, especially from Wright St. on up.] Heavy use of red colors; often guys on foot moving in here from MLK and eastbound on Wright.
  • Car Stolen Archived
    2857 N. Weil - Riverwest
    My green camry was stolen in front of my house. Not much in the car, but my nieces small backpack full of her books. Windows are tinted and it seems as if the back seat side window was broken out. If anyone has seen this car, please call district 5 and report it. I have never really had anything happen to me in this neighborhood, and this event has disheartened me. Any help would be appreciated
  • 2758 N Booth St Milwaukee, WI 53212 - Riverwest
    Loud parties, shots fired x 2, assaults...
  • 1300 E. North Ave. Milwaukee, WI - Riverwest
    The North Ave. bridge near Cambridge is getting riddled with graffiti. Every time I drive by it gets worse. This needs to be cleaned and stopped.