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mago vista

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  • 413 David Dr Arnold 21012, United States - Arnold
    Email Councilwoman Amanda Fielder so she can be aware of the issue and so she can get the ordinances changed. Parking and Zoning ordinances are too relaxed!
  • 401 Haskell Dr Arnold 21012, United States - Arnold
    Pick up was not scheduled today.
    My trash did not get picked up
  • 304 Haskell Dr Arnold, MD, 21012, USA - Arnold
    This person is using our street as his personal county dump. His trash has been on the street for several weeks.
  • Tree Trimming Archived
    401 Howard Ave Arnold, MD, 21012, USA - Arnold
    Trees are blocking street light from getting to the street!
  • 400 Stewart Ave Annapolis 21012, United States - Arnold
    Small red car tags expired 2014
  • 297 Broadwater Rd Arnold, MD, 21012, USA - Arnold
  • 778 Adele Rd Arnold, MD, 21012, USA - Arnold
    Hi. My recycle container was taken from the curbside. Requesting a new container to replace the one that was taken. Am I allowed to paint my number on the bin?
  • Belvedere Park Broadwater Rd, Arnold, MD, 21012, USA - Arnold
    This click fix is to specifically address the Belvedere Park entrance on Mago Vista Road , Arnold, MD (NOT Broadwater).
    The grassy area outside the fencing for the parking lot is not being maintained. There are at three three different companies that maintain the different fields for Belvedere Park (Mago Vista Road); and none of these contractors seem to have the responsiblity to cut the grass immediately surrounding the parking lot or outside of the lot adjacent to the gates and sidewalk. There is also a grassy area towards the back side of the ball field that is also not being maintained and the overgrowth it out of control and needs to be cleared. Homeowners in this county are required to maintain our properties and that too applies to the county. Please take care of your property! The fields have all been cut once a week like clockwork and yet no one is cutting the perimeter of the parking lot etc. Thank you
  • 369 Volley Ct Arnold, MD, 21012, USA - Arnold
    Trash was not picked up. Emptied recycling cans were placed in front of the trash can.
  • 850 Wilson Rd N Arnold, MD 21012, USA - Arnold
    Only half my trash was collected.
  • 108 Brent Rd Arnold, MD, 21012, USA - Arnold
    I'd like to turn in a 65-gallon cart and two 32-gallon open-top bins and receive a 35-gallon cart.
  • 423 Broadwater Rd Arnold 21012, United States - Arnold
    Blue SUV tags expired 2016.