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Countless accidents, no crosswalk sign at Quail street and central ave intersection crosswalk.

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  • 495 State St Albany, NY, 12203, USA - Central Avenue
    What in the actual %##$ with the fireworks?? There isn't a pet within 5 miles of center square that isn't cowering in terror and God knows what it's doing to people with PTSD. Every single night for the past's nowhere nest the 4th of July, it's time to shut this down.
  • Willett St & Madison Ave Albany, NY, 12210, USA - Park South

    People are being run out of the park by holiday lights organizers. WE HAVE A RIGHT TO WALK IN A PUBLIC PARK. This is how many of us travel to get from home to work and back.

    Area restaurants and businesses are desperate to survive in pandemic times and the holidays are our best hope but the traffic chaos caused by Holiday Lights is turning away customers! Even curbside pick up is impacted because no one wants to be stuck in the traffic on Madison Avenue.

    Then the police have the audacity to send out a Nixle notice telling people to avoid this area or take another route due to the lights! Retail and restaurants NEED HOLIDAY WEEKEND business! What is wrong with the city?!

    All told, there are several thousand residents being negatively impacted by this event due to the traffic, blocked roadways, blocked parking spaces that WE PAY FOR, the exhaust from idling cars, the headlights and police lights coming in through our windows all night, the honking by furious drivers, the buses being delayed, emergency vehicles not able to get through the park, down Madison or down Willett, and discouraging any traffic to the area other than those attending the light display. Get this event out of here for future years. An urban park in a residential area is not an appropriate location and never was.

    This is also tearing up our park annually with the large trucks that come in and cause permanent damage to trees and tear deep troughs in the ground that are never fixed. This is an historic park and critical resource that needs protecting.

    A coalition of city residents, organized this campaign to "illuminate and counteract the human suffering exacerbated by Capital Holiday Lights in the Park, revealing the dissonance between our Mayor’s stated priorities and the city’s fiscal choices." In response, they call the campaign Human Rights in the Park.

    Please Albany city officials, it's time to move this event going forward. Do the right thing.

  • Madison Ave & New Scotland Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Park South
    For years, now, these buildings on New Scotland, at the corner of Madison Avenue, have been allowed to completely disintegrate and negatively impact the surrounding area. People shoot up drugs, defecate in the doorways (that is human excrement in the upper left hand photo), are drunk and disorderly, cover them with graffiti, etc. It's my understanding the owner of these buildings also owns one or more of the buildings right around the corner (548, 550, 552 Madison Ave) where a number of drug addicts and dealers live and inject and sell drugs 24/7 endangering the overall community, and others who live in the buildings including older people and children. One of these buildings was the site of a recent stabbing death, right outside on a weekday afternoon. Why is this owner permitted to own property when he allows behavior and conditions that make an entire area decline and unsafe. The drug users and dealers should also be arrested and evicted. This is a well-known issue so where is Codes, the police, the Mayor, the Councilperson, and others?
  • 488 Madison Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Park South
    Daily, a candidate for the 6th Ward Common Council is setting up what appears to be their campaign office on a public sidewalk in a residential area (488 Madison Ave). There are two large tables, campagne signs and people staffing the tables as well as sitting on the step other building residents are trying to use to get in and out of our apartments. There is no permit visible, but hopefully a permit would not be given for something like this in front of residential homes daily, also blocking at least some of the public sidewalk and making it awkward to get past without engaging, when people may not wish to. How long is this going on?
  • Madison Ave & Lark St Albany, NY, 12210, USA - Center Square
    Please Madam Mayor, Chief of Police, BID Members, Neighborhood Association Presidents, and Council Representatives, HELP US. It's miserable in the Dana Ave., Lark, Madison, and Washington Park areas. The Motorcycle noise, loud car stereos and engines, and very dangerous driving by these vehicles, are ruining this area. We can't have our windows open for air. We can't sleep at night. We can't enjoy peace in our homes, or dine outside at area restaurants and it's also very dangerous. Children can't even play outside. These motorcycles, and many off-road vehicles, are speeding, doing wheelies, doing U-turns in the middle of traffic, driving into oncoming traffic, bullying other drivers, driving on the sidewalks, the grass, through the park playground and more. Why is this being allowed? We watch officers witness the behavior and not make any effort to address it, take a photo, take down a license number, NOTHING. When asked why, they say they've been told not to. Why is the safety and quality of life of so many people being put at risk for the possibility of a high speed chase that might never happen? It's absurd, negligent and dangerous.
  • Madison Ave & Knox St Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Park South
    We just witnessed the same 6-8 motorcyclist who have been causing issues in the area for several years, almost plow through a group of pedestrians and one almost hit an oncoming car as it swerved to avoid the people. The majority of the riders were standing completely up on their motorcycles at that same time they were doing wheelies and their speed was high. This goes on everyday from approximately 4:30 pm often until after 3:00 am. Please do something before innocent people are injured or worse. Just put one plain car on Madison between Lark and Knox. Please. At minimum get photos and license numbers and go find them after the fact if no one will take care of the danger when it's happening.
  • 300 Lark St Albany, NY, 12210, USA - Center Square
    There are people lighting off fireworks (loud ones) all night. Last night someone was lighting off M-80 type fireworks at 2 and 3 in the morning. I don't know how anyone is supposed to sleep and contribute to this neighborhood with hooliganism like that happening all hours. APD should be working to make this neighborhood a better place.
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    1 Englewood Pl Albany, NY 12203, USA - Central Avenue
    The owner of 1 Englewood Place has heavily spread red pepper flakes all over the public sidewalk running the perimeter of their property along both Englewood and State Street. A quick Google search shows that this is a malicious way to keep dogs away and could cause contact burns on their paws, respiratory distress, and gastrointestinal upset (including vomiting and diarrhea), among other things. It can also be potentially life threatening to small children with respiratory issues as they might touch, eat, or inhale, the large amount of pepper flakes spread all over the sidewalk. The community and city should not tolerate this willful, blatant, and malicious behavior. I dislike when pet owners don't clean up after their pets as much as the next person, but this is taking things too far and jeopardizes the health and welfare of all dogs and small children. During these fraught times, it's terrible to have to force parents and dog owners into this situation and more important than ever to come together as a positive community.
  • 49 Grand St Albany, NY, 12207, USA - Albany
    This is not just a noise complaint, but a vagrancy complaint. People have been using this sidewalk area in front of our family restaurant as a party location where they drink from liquor bottles and urinate in public. Our business has been disrupted by this, as they blast music from parked cars. We own many buildings in this area and are working to revitalize this historic "Little Italy" part of the City of Albany but we need help. Signs indicating no loitering would be appreciated.
  • 98 Willett St Albany 12210, United States - Center Square

    Last night we had fireworks going off in the neighborhood between 12 and 2 am. All very loud explosions. I called into APD around 1 and was given the same response that they’d send someone over. The fireworks continued. Now tonight they’ve been going off for the last half hour or so and I imagine they’ll continue for some time.

    Calling noise complaints into APD hasn’t seemed to bear fruit (and it’s been happening since LAST summer) so I’ll continue to post them here in hopes that someone, somewhere in our city’s government will eventually care enough to step in.

  • 454 Madison Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Park South
    Between the sidewalk work that never gets completed, and the raw juice bar constantly placing there sign in the middle of the sidewalk, this section of Madison Avenue is inaccessible to people with Mobility impairments. It's also difficult for the general public and people with strollers or grocery carts. It's not only rude to block the sidewalk but it's also against the law. Can someone please address these issues once and for all. Also, please tell me businesses are not going to start putting out these ugly banners along the sidewalks. We've got enough issue with the Lark and Madison area looking trashy.
  • 459 State St Albany NY 12203, United States - Central Avenue
    People are loud and shooting off fireworks in the park and it’s after 9:00pm. Hello!!! Wear are the Albany police???