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Concerned about your Neighborhood? Your not the only one. Report problems for the Wilson Park area here and join your neighbors in keeping it safe. Get connected and stay informed. Our Crime Watch Site can be reached at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WilsonParkCrimeWatch

Notified About

  • speeding Archived
    959 W Oklahoma Ave Milwaukee, WI 53215, USA - Morgandale
    13th street to 6th street high speed area right across the street is a school on 11th, summer is coming and in the evening its like a speedway , hard to cross the street, and grafitti is out of control, rarely see the presence of police around here
  • 4602 S 20th St Milwaukee, WI - Castle Manor
    Patch of road on right lane and patch of road in curb lane is really rough and causes increased breaking distance to enter the wilson park garden apartments. many people swerve around it to turn in and thus distrupts traffic flow. This area should be repaved not just patched up. and now with increased constrution traffic flow along 20th street i believe that the road will get worse.
  • 3200 South 11th Street milwaukee - Morgandale
    potholes were badly repaired and are back
  • 3834 S 14th St Milwaukee, WI 53221, USA - Morgandale
    14th St from Howard to Wilbur is horrible! Pot holes, uneven bumpy, totally makes my car constantly make knocking noises and you can hear it. There is no way around the potholes and unevenness because of all the cars that park on the street.
  • 2001-2099 W Holt Ave Milwaukee, WI 53215, USA - Southgate
    Sunken communications manhole lid
  • Pot Holes Archived
    4628-4640 S 27th St Milwaukee, WI, 53221, USA - Castle Manor
    Lots of Pot Holes on Layton Ave East of 27th Street. Especially in Front of the Walgreens.
  • 700 West Layton Av Milwaukee, WI - Mitchell West
    A buckle has accured in the right hand lane going west on Layton ave between 7th and 8th. This buckle dont appear to be large but when trucks go over it (especially empty container trucks) the noise is so loud it scares my wife and i to death and items in our home are actually jumping at times. Please remember! There are hundreds of trucks every day using Layton ave. It is getting so bad we will need to thinking about moving. The noise is driving us nuts. Thank you
  • 4200 S 76 West Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Morgandale
    Halloween Express is parking a box truck in front of the former Hollywood Video for the past week, 24/7. I was told a business may not use box trucks to advertise at their business and had to remove mine. I would think their intention is to have it there thru Halloween. Please have removed. Thank you.
  • 2272 W Bolivar Ave Milwaukee, WI 53221, USA - Wilson Park
    This whole road needs to be redone from 13th to 20th where they did patches and now are totally uneven and bumpy. Then from 20th to 27th tons of potholes and really uneven and bumpy.