Bronco Billy PlayLot near Sunnyside and Magnolia

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Watching issues created after: 2019-07-14

Police should be watching this area. Unmonitored children with fireworks in area.

Notified About

  • 875 N Marshfield Ave Chicago 60622, United States - Chicago Ward 1
    Rescheduled street cleaning (due to snow in November) was never conducted and leaves are blocking drains on the 800 block of N Marshfield.
  • 5039 N Kimball Ave Chicago, IL 60625, USA - North Park
    Graffiti on parking surface, blacktop, concrete, sidewalk, and tree.
  • 4519 N Virginia Ave Chicago, IL 60625, USA - Lincoln Square
    Fence too tall and too close to sidewalk
  • 4545 N Mozart St Chicago, IL 60625, USA - Albany Park
    The overgrown shrub at the SW corner of Manor and Wilson is blocking roughly 80% of the sidewalk, and the obstructed path and views is becoming dangerous. My toddler was nearly run over (on the sidewalk) by two kids who tore around the corner on their 10-speeds. It needs to be pruned or removed.
  • 1201 N Ashland Ave Chicago 60622, United States - Chicago Ward 1
    Construction dumpster placed in bike/bus lane. Extremely unsafe and slows the flow of public transit.
  • 1257 W Addison St Chicago IL 60613, United States - Chicago Ward 44
    Street light glass cover is leaning dangerously - pole was struck by fallen branch - please also check pole
  • E Grand Ave Chicago, IL, 60611, USA - Chicago Ward 42
    There are lights missing on both sides east Grand Avenue from the fly over to the entrance to Lake Point Tower
    We have been complaining since late summer
    This is a very active street on the way to Navy Pier and its dark dark
  • 4550 N Virginia Ave Chicago 60625, United States - Lincoln Square
    Two big pot holes in street.
  • 4400 N Marine Dr Chicago, IL, 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 46
    Piles of brown carpet, multiple bags of garbage, large card board sleeping platform, various assortment of items on upper berm of Montrose viaduct. North west corner. Need to be removed. Bagged spoiled food and other perishables attracting rodents.
  • 4454 N Manor Ave Chicago, IL, 60625, USA - Albany Park
    The telephone pole in the alley was replaced, but the wires were not transferred. They cut the old pole and this part of the pole has been hanging precariously for a month or so. High wind could be a bad problem and dangerous
  • 4400 N Marine Dr Chicago, IL, 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 46
    Burgundy Van dumpling bags of garbage on parkway of Clarendon Park. Van is stationary and parked at this spot for weeks. Directly across from the City salt storage depot. Rats and gulls are having a feast.
  • 2148 W Division St Chicago, IL, 60622, USA - Chicago Ward 32

    Water regularly stands in this area and it appears to be sinking. This obviously causes massive potholes that span the entire alley and frankly the alley needs to be repaved.

    This is the alley between Division and Crystal, where dozens of trucks travel daily to service the restaurants, shops and all of the garbage dumpsters they use. Also where 1000s of people gather for Division Street fest every June. It's a shame and frankly unfair to the residents of the area that our street is the main commercial attraction to the neighborhood and yet the infrastructure supporting it is so neglected.

    Please seriously consider repaving and fixing the drainage asap as this give the alley an unsavory smell, look and feel.