Mitchell Park Area Watch

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Concerned about your Neighborhood? Your not the only one. Report problems for around the Mitchell Park South area here and join your neighbors in keeping it safe. Get connected and stay informed. Our Crime Watch Site can be reached at

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  • 3106 W. Greenfield Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53215, USA - Burnham Park
    alley behind 3106 w. greenfield ave. has many pot holes and alot of loose gravel. I haved complained to the city every year and the fix they do is very min.
  • 3325 W Greenfield Ave Milwaukee, WI 53215, USA - Burnham Park
  • 2600-2620 W Lapham St Milwaukee, WI 53204, USA - Muskego Way
    too many cars speed through the four way stop and the neighrborhood is full of children
  • 2045 S 26th St Milwaukee, WI 53204, USA - Muskego Way
    Lousy police response to vandalism, loitering, grafitti, and theft. There's been an increase in crime in this neighborhood in the past month or so, but the police department is of no help. You have to twist their arms for them to even do a police report. To get them to the area to see the damage is almost impossible.
  • 915 S 21st Street Milwaukee, WI - Clarke Square
    Pot hole!
  • Union St And Arrow St Milwaukee wisc. - Muskego Way
    need a four way stop at corner becuase almost ever car does not stop at the corner of arrow and union st.