West Morgan Heights Watch

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Concerned about your Neighborhood? Your not the only one. Report problems for around the West Morgan Heights area here and join your neighbors in keeping it safe. Get connected and stay informed. Our Crime Watch Site can be reached at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WestMorganHeightsCrimeWatch

Notified About

  • 8100 W Morgan - Highwood Estates
    bumpy road with potholes
  • 3643 S 80th St Milwaukee, WI 53220, USA - Rolling Green
    potholes all over
  • 10107-10249 West Beloit Road Greenfield, Wisconsin - Greenfield
    The on ramp from Beliot to 41 North is extremely dangerous. They made it very short recently and there is no time to check if cars are coming in the far lane before you merge onto the freeway.
  • 3878 S Oakbrook Dr Greenfield, Wisconsin - Greenfield
    On Hwy 100, just south of Howard Ave on East side of street, there is a sewer grate and ring that are off the main sewer pipe. It is located on the south end of the bridge that goes over the Root River.
  • 7926 W Wilbur Ave Milwaukee, WI 53220, USA - Rolling Green
    S 80 street between Wilbur Ave
    and Morgan Ave.
  • 10301 W Morgan Ave Greenfield, Wisconsin - Greenfield
    Mailbox knocked over during plowing operations.
  • 3880 South 104th Street Greenfield, WI - Greenfield
    Garbage all around front lawn.
  • Sidewalk Problems Acknowledged
    10540 W Howard Ave Greenfield, WI 53228, USA - Greenfield
    sidewalk is uneven, causing trips and difficulty with snow removal. concerned for safety if kids in neighborhood riding bikes, and if elderly walking
  • 10455-10463 W Beloit Rd Greenfield, WI 53228, USA - Greenfield
  • 3578 Greenfield, Wisconsin - Greenfield
    6 vehicle including one full size dump truck stored on side drive of property.
  • 10540 W Howard Ave Milwaukee, WI, 53228, USA - Greenfield
  • Other Archived
    3600 S 108th St Greenfield, WI 53228, USA - Greenfield
    On 10/1/2019, I moved from my two bedroom townhouse at Presidio Square Apartments with the sure intention on finding a clean, safe, affordable place to reside for one month before relocating to another state. I have to make sure I seal all business dealings before moving, which is the reason for seeking a months stay. I went to the Golden Key Motel on 10/1/2019. I discussed the prices of the room with a older east Indian man and was told they offer weekly stays. My husband asked if they have a veterans discount, the man replied no, we do not honor that. I was still interested at this point, it being affordable, remembering that I stayed at this motel before and I was okay with the quality. My husband signed papers, gave the male his debit card and made the purchase of $320.00, $20.00 being a key holding fee, assuming things where just the same as we experienced previously. We entered a room that was filthy, horrible smelling and not at all up to the standard promoted. We immediately went to the front desk for a refund. We were told that before we get one, we should at least see another room. We were given a key to room 108 and then entered it. The room smelled better, however, was even more filthy and a bacterial health hazard than room 102. I then opted to take pictures and video of the room and proceed to the office for a refund that was rejected and was told no refunds. We left the motel not spending more than a few minutes in each room inspecting it before going out to Brookfield for a months stay totalling $1,795.65. On 10/2, called and asked to speak to the manager for a refund, was told she would be in at 11:30a.m. in which she wasn't on 10/3. 10/3 we called, she was not in, told she will be in on 10/4, asked for her name and it was not given, 10/4 called to speak to her, she was not in, asked for her name it was told to us she goes by the name manager, she doesn't not give refund and they can't either, then hung up on. On 10/4 went to the Golden Key Motel and a short middle aged east Indian female (the same one that hung up on us) greeted us and we proceeded to explain what has occurred and that we indefinitely need our money back especially with the fact that we had not stayed on the premises. She still wouldn't give the name or phone number of the manager, nor the owner, took our information and said she will pass on the information. I am reporting the quality of the two rooms and the fact that they rented a health hazard to myself and husband that we didn't stay in with no refund. This place needs to be inspected it is not livable. I noticed that they rented to druggies, drug dealers, prostitutes and disabled persons. My husband being a army veteran and is disabled, we live on a fixed income and his health can not be compromised, we need help with a inspection and help getting a refund from this business. It seems that after viewing the reviews of the Golden Key Motel on google maps, that they've been doing this for some time to people. Please help, funds are low.