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  • 2403 Erwin Rd Durham, North Carolina - Durham
    Vehicles do not yield to pedestrians crossing with the crosswalk signal in any direction at this intersection. I have almost been hit by a car several times while trying to cross. Propose (1) increasing signage abut pedestrian right of way, (2) making all directions no right on red, (3) isolating the left turn signal from through traffic, (4) separating turn signals and pedestrian cross signals so that left turn light is not on when pedestrians trying to cross. Other interventions may also be warranted.
  • N Miami Blvd Durham, NC - Durham

    someone need to remove this speed bump in the road. I have sent this request several times and it is still there. I guess if the mayor's car drives over thsi bump and knocks the alignment out, it probably will be fixed then!

    there is a speed bump in the left hand lane going towards NCDMV on Miami Blvd.(near Main St) . People dodge out of one lane to the next to avoid it, but it doesn't work all the time.

  • pothole Archived
    Intersection Kemmont Rd & Carpenter-Fletcher Rd durham, NC - Durham
    The city fills low shoulders with gravel which accumulates in a heap in center of intersection leading to near accidents due to drivers avoiding pile of gravel. I nearly fell from motorcycle from it. It needs to be paved instead. the gravel hasn't worked. City re-fills each time I've notified but problem continues.
  • 4209 New Bern Place Durham, NC - Durham
    We have Duke Power and even with a minor thunder storm we have been losing power for several hours. Our lots are wooded, which is great, and expect to lose power sometimes when a big storm blows through, but today (7/24/12) a minor storm, lasting less than 30min came through and knocked out power for most of the afternoon.
    Our neighborhood would like Duke Power to address the root cause and put necessary preventative measures in place, so our power sources are more stable and secure.
  • 400 E Trinity Ave Durham, NC 27701, USA - Durham
    The curb is low and the street dips so that water does not properly drain.
  • Pot Hole Archived
    744-784 Broad Street Durham, North Carolina - Durham
    There is a pothole about 6 inches deep on Northbound Broad just south of W Markham. I hit it on a longtail cargo bicycle last night and it threw me over the handlebars, with the bike tumbling end-over-end on top of me. Frustrated that i didn't see it (had adequate lighting on bike); in a ton of pain this morning.
  • 2213-2316 Sedwick Dr Durham, NC 27713, USA - Durham

    several big dips/uneven and broken pavement within only feet apart. Nothing has been done. I'll need a wheel alignment soon. Where do I send my bill??????

    It's 6/1/11 and nothing has been done. Some work was done on the end I was not complaining about.

  • 3154-3208 Gibson Rd Durham, NC 27703, USA - Durham
    This road has been patched and patched. It needs to be resurfaced. The patches used on older potholes don't last a week. There are potholes all over it.
  • Potholes Archived
    Corner Of Roxboro And Holloway Durham, Nc - Durham
    Reported from my mobile device
  • Renaissance Pkwy Durham, NC 27713, USA - Durham
    I have almost been hit at this intersection twice. I'm not sure if a traffic signal is the answer, but cars pull out from the apartments and road at the BP gas station with a blind spot because of the Target store and curve in the highway.
  • 2301-2399 Elba St Durham, NC 27705, USA - Durham
    Every time it rains water accumulates on the sidewalk of Elba St and Fulton
    Blocking the way