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  • 3906 Ambury Ct Leland, NC, 28451, USA - Leland
    The Ambury Ct street sign blew down in Hurricane Dorian. The clips that held it to the cross bar broke. I have the sign itself in my garage and it appears undamaged.
  • Flooding Archived
    1422 Ebrington Ln Leland, NC, 28451, USA - Leland
    back is very wooded lots of bugs after all this rain. do not know how
    to upload picture. back of yard behind large pots. we are in the
    Evangeline complex first eyebrow on left. this was the first development
    therefore the woods and trees are dense cannot see through them.
  • 7375 Hazelstone Ln Leland 28451, United States - Leland
    House has been abandoned for over a year, two cars in driveway that just sit there. My biggest concern is the pool in the backyard that has not been tended too and the mosquitos it will attract this year.
  • 703 Pine Cone Dr Winnabow, NC, 28479, USA - Leland
    according to the caller, please inspect a pothole at the intersection of Pine Cone Dr. and Mallory Creek Dr.
  • 9496 Night Harbor Dr Se Leland 28451, United States - Leland
    Already patched once. Developer Centex @ Adair Homes did not properly install drain system since rains cause this damage in field also. Follow to the north & you’ll see the $100s invested by a homeowner in The Arbors to protect his property.
  • 316 Dove Field Ct Se Leland 28451, United States - Leland
    A fire truck tried to turn around in the cul de sac on the evening of February 22nd. It lost traction and tore up part of the road.
  • 8687 Orchard Loop Rd Ne Leland, NC, 28451, USA - Leland
    Very severe sinkhole at this address. We need to contact subcontractor to repair the damage.
  • 342 St Kitts Way Winnabow, NC, 28479, USA - Leland
    Intersection of Mallory Creek Drive and Cove Landing (to the west) and Pine Cone (to the east). A new street sign was put up on the east side of Mallory Creek (Pine Cone), but the street sign on the west side (Cove Landing) was removed. Please put up Cove Landing sign.
  • 1232 Springvale Terrace Ct Leland, NC, 28451, USA - Leland
    Erosion control barriers along these streets in Phase 2 of Hearthstone community are down and ineffective. As this has been a recurrent violation, please inspect immediately, notify developer of latest violation, and apply escalating enforcement action.
  • Merestone Dr Winnabow, NC, 28479, USA - Leland
    According to resident, a pothole which was recently repaired, is showing signs of deterioration again. Please inspect and repair.
  • 3125 Redfield Dr Leland, NC, 28451, USA - Leland
    Resident requests to remove tree in ROW to prevent damage to ROW sidewalk. Please inspect and remove if necessary.
  • Sidewalks Acknowledged
    1001 Leesburg Dr Leland, NC, 28451, USA - Leland
    The sidewalk was removed to fix a fire hydrant and never repaired back. It was fenced off. It is a hazard as pedestrians need to go on the road to pass that section.