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  • Streetlight Archived
    4370 Cushendale Ct Leland, NC, 28451, USA - Leland
    The streetlight outside our home has not been installed. We closed on our home 12/20/2019 and the electrical conduit was there but no light has yet been installed.
  • 3906 Ambury Ct Leland, NC, 28451, USA - Leland
    The Ambury Ct street sign blew down in Hurricane Dorian. The clips that held it to the cross bar broke. I have the sign itself in my garage and it appears undamaged.
  • Flooding Archived
    1422 Ebrington Ln Leland, NC, 28451, USA - Leland
    back is very wooded lots of bugs after all this rain. do not know how
    to upload picture. back of yard behind large pots. we are in the
    Evangeline complex first eyebrow on left. this was the first development
    therefore the woods and trees are dense cannot see through them.
  • 9496 Night Harbor Dr Se Leland 28451, United States - Leland
    Already patched once. Developer Centex @ Adair Homes did not properly install drain system since rains cause this damage in field also. Follow to the north & you’ll see the $100s invested by a homeowner in The Arbors to protect his property.
  • Island Cove Ct & Westport Dr Leland, NC, 28479, USA - Leland
    There was a hit and run accident in the WestPort development on Saturday evening. Street signs, stop signs and street lights were knocked down. The debris from the accident is piled on the right of way at the intersection. How do we have this cleaned-up
  • 7375 Hazelstone Ln Leland 28451, United States - Leland
    House has been abandoned for over a year, two cars in driveway that just sit there. My biggest concern is the pool in the backyard that has not been tended too and the mosquitos it will attract this year.
  • 703 Pine Cone Dr Winnabow, NC, 28479, USA - Leland
    according to the caller, please inspect a pothole at the intersection of Pine Cone Dr. and Mallory Creek Dr.
  • Street/Road Signs Acknowledged
    2882 Pine Bloom Way Leland, NC, 28451, USA - Leland

    A number of STOP signs in Brunswick Forest have faded to pink or no color at all with the word STOP barely legible.

    Though all licensed drivers should recognize the octagonal sign, the faded signs invite accidents.

  • Streetlight Archived
    6733 Chessington Ln Leland, NC, 28451, USA - Leland
    We moved into our new home in October of 2019. Our neighborhood of Cypress Pointe 2 here in Brunswick Forest is now 90% completed, but we are yet to have our street lights installed. I have put in several requests to CAMS and keep being told that they have been in touch with you and "are pleased" to pass along that the lights are scheduled to be put in within the next 2 weeks. This 2 week scenario has been repeated to us since January almost on a monthly basis. It is now becoming a safety issue. It is very dark at night. There are still 2 or 3 homes still under construction and Contractor debris is very hard to see. Almost every single homeowner has pets that need to be walked and someone is going to get hurt. Also, with all the recent car break ins in at nearby Mallory Creek this has become of bigger concern. Please advise as to when we can expect to have our lights installed.
  • 1188 Evangeline Dr Leland, NC 28451, USA - Leland
    The stop sign has faded at the intersection of Low Country Blvd & Brunswick Forest Parkway near the fitness center.
  • Streetlight Archived
    1206 Needleleaf Dr Winnabow, NC, 28479, USA - Leland
    Please add dimmer to light dome. It is too bright and directly comes in windows.
  • Other Archived
    2445 Tara Forest Dr Leland NC 28451, United States - Leland
    Construction company working for Kirk pig ford destroyed streetlight and dropped dirt all down our street