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The KCMO 3-1-1 Action Center is a central point of contact for City services and information for KCMO residents. Contact 3-1-1 or (816) 513-1313 or actioncenter@kcmo.org or www.kcmo.org/action

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  • 616 W 87th Street Kansas City, MO 64114 - Kansas City
    At the beginning of this year, a water main break occurred right under my driveway. The Water Dept took 2 weeks to even come out to look at it. They then dug a huge trench that is about 13-15 yards long (40-50 feet), 8 feet wide and at least 4 feet deep that goes from my yard across my driveway and into my neighbor's yard. It's now been 2 months and nothing is being done. I have to walk through my now muddy yard, sometimes it's been walking through the snow, just to get to my car on the street and there are 3 huge rusty pipes laying on my property which can't be safe either. Call 4 Action will not call me back, however, meanwhile my yard and driveway is a huge big muddy mess and I haven’t been able to park in my driveway for 2 MONTHS now. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
  • 3829-3835 Main St Kansas City, MO 64111, USA - Hanover Place
    the building next door and south of the monarch building is abandoned, boarded up, falling apart(literally), a hub for drugs, and an eyesore. and get this... the building is so bad that to protect us from it the city blocks off the sidewalk so we have to walk in the middle of main street to go past it. i say again... a building is so awful that the city would rather pedestrians walk in the middle of main street than get any where near it. am i missing something?
  • 8750 N Amity Ave Kansas City, MO - Kansas City
    Usually I have 7 exits out of my subdivision, but due to lengthy road construction by the City I now only have one. Barry Rd road construction has become ridiculous. Now once a 1 year project is looking to be a 5 year project. The traffic is ridiculous, residents are furious! Please help!
  • 9200 Askew Kansas City, MO - Central Business District-Downtown
    These two houses are an eyesore for the neighborhood . Their are broken down vehicles parked all over the yards, live animals in the back yard such as horses , goats and raccoons the smell is getting out of hand. we would like this taken care of asap. This is the askew behind the apartments and Bannisterrd and Grandview road. the house at 9200 askew is empty and has been for over a yr.Thank you for your time .
  • 237 River Oaks Dr Madison, AL 35758, USA - Huntsville
    abandon house
  • 7399 Ne 108th St Kansas City, MO - Kansas City
    N Eastern Ave. was extended between NE 108th Ave. & 96th. Many(30-40) of the tree's placed by the contractor have already died. Many trees along 96 between Eastern and 435 also appear to be dieing.
  • Nw View High Dr Lees Summit, MO, 64081, USA - Kansas City
    right in middle of road almost no way to miss these if it gets bigger
  • Pothole Archived
    View High Dr Kansas City, MO, 64134, USA - Kansas City
  • Pothole Archived
    View High Dr Kansas City, MO, 64134, USA - Kansas City
    Giant potholes. Left and right lanes headed north towards 470 highway
  • 4901 S Lefholz Rd. Oak Grove, MO 64075 - Kansas City
    At 4901 S Lefholz Rd., Oak Grove, Mo 64075 the residents have goats, dogs, sheep, horses and cows in a muddy pin that they are all crowded into totalling about 50 animals about 2 acres or less. The conditions for these animals are less than poor no food source at all. We have called the sherff dept, animal control local police nobody seems to think this is their problem. We need someone to help these animals you are our last hope! Please help us.
  • Pothole Archived
    View High Dr Lees Summit, MO, 64081, USA - Kansas City
    Fix this road. Tear it up and replace it. This is a joke, a car will break if one hasn’t already.
  • 149–177 Sw View High Dr Kansas City 64134, United States - Kansas City
    Repave View High Drive (North and South) between I-470 and 109th street