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  • Cadbury And Burlington Drive - Odenton
    A huge pile of trash has been piled up on the curb and is now spread out all over the front yard
  • Open Burning Archived
    484 Holiday St Odenton, MD, 21113, USA - Odenton
    Tenants in rental smoke weed outside in backyard literally every single day and it is some stinky weed.
  • Traffic Signs Acknowledged
    2290 Dairy Farm Rd Gambrills, MD, 21054, USA - Odenton
    What is the purpose of the 3 poles that were placed on Dairy Farm, right where cars turn in from Waugh Chapel Road? It can't be for parking reasons, as there is a fire hydrant there making parking illegal anyway. All those poles do, as far as I can tell, is make the turn from either direction of Waugh Chapel more difficult. They've been knocked down at least once, and I predict they will continue to be knocked down. Please just remove them.
  • 1288 Orchid Rd Gambrills, MD, 21054, USA - Odenton
  • Cable Service Archived
    2005 Brodick Ln Gambrills, MD 21054, USA - Odenton
    This Verizon box is dangerous. Someone is going to get hurt or drown.
  • 2607 Barred Owl Way Odenton 21113, United States - Odenton
    Last week after the recycling/trash was picked up I went to bring my containers in after I got home from work and only my trash cans were there. I believe someone in my neighborhood might have taken it. I asked my surrounding neighbors and had no luck
  • 1914 Tuckahoe Ct Odenton, MD, 21113, USA - Odenton
  • 840 Knob Ct Odenton, MD, 21113, USA - Odenton
    The wheel on our lidded recycling container has broken off. We'd like a new one or a repair. Is that possible?
  • 1193 Hillcrest Rd Odenton 21113, United States - Odenton

    Several years ago, a section of Hillcrest Road in front of our driveway was excavated due to a cracked water main. Several months ago, I reported that the patched asphalt appeared to be seeking (whomever you sent to check it out indicated no concern).

    See photo, as of 24Dec19, that patch has standing, muddy water. I remain concerned - more so, now.

  • 1309 Patuxent Woods Dr Odenton, MD, 21113, USA - Odenton
    Not a complaint. I just need a recycle bin.
  • Tree Trimming Acknowledged
    Gorc Park 940 Strawberry Lake Way, Odenton, MD 21113, USA - Odenton
    massive tree down at baseball field and a dead one nearby needs trimming or removal. Paths need clearing all over the park - severely overgrown w weeds and scrub growth.
  • Sidewalks Archived
    1350 Odenton Rd Odenton, MD, 21113, USA - Odenton
    Odenton Road is a major road connecting between MARC station and people residing on the other side of Piney Orchard Parkway. Since there is no pedestrian access from Piney Orchard Rd to MARC Station, its risky to walk through traffic lane or narrow grassy shoulders. Parking lot facility are for commuters who loves to drive; but people who love to walk has a hazardous walking environment through main traffic lanes. Please construct a sidewalk for the public walks and use public transportation rather than use car for every single mile. Thank you.