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  • 3262-3298 Madonna Dr Edgewood, KY, 41017, USA - Edgewood

    We know the city put a radar speed limit sign right up the street, but unfortunately that is not helping with the issue of speeding on Madonna, past Creekwood. My kids almost got hit this weekend from people not paying attention.

    Additionally, too many cars are not stopping at the stop sign at the bottom of Creekwood, turning onto Madonna. This is creating a major hazard with the increase of children outside playing during the day and walkers.

    Can you please have a police officer sit and watch this activity? We would gladly allow them to sit in our driveway at 3251 Madonna. I would love to see this intersection area have a 3 way stop sign put in. A 3 way stop sign would drastically reduce speed and stop drivers from running the stop sign.

    Something needs to be done quick or a kid is going to get killed.

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    Larkspur Ct & White Oak Dr Ft Mitchell, KY, 41017, USA - Edgewood
    Resident is requesting a stop sign and extra patrol at the corner of Larkspur and White Oak.
    Vehicles not observing the speed limit; causing near collisions.
  • 3086–3098 Charter Oak Rd Edgewood 41017, United States - Edgewood
    The construction workers move their trucks in and out without looking and almost hitting people and cars driving on Charter Oak.
    They also haven’t made any attempted to repair the sidewalk for a few weeks now. It’s becoming a dangerous hazard for all those walkers/runners. Especially with the warmer weather coming in.
  • speeding Archived
    3251 Madonna Dr Ft Mitchell, KY, 41017, USA - Edgewood
    Can we request a survey of speed in our neighborhood? Specifically in the vicinity of the intersection of Creekwood & Madonna? Cars are driving way too fast for a neighborhood with kids running around.
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    214 Colony Dr Ft Mitchell, KY, 41017, USA - Edgewood
    Request for speed bump on Colony Drive close to 213 Colony Drive.
  • 720 Fair Oaks Ln Edgewood, KY 41017, USA - Edgewood
    Need to know why the snow plow stops prior to plowing past our house. We are on a city street & pay city taxes. We had the same issue last year.
  • 3029 Prestwicke Dr Ft Mitchell, KY, 41017, USA - Edgewood
    Hello, I have written a few times about speeders on Prestwicke Dr., and specifically in the direction of leaving the neighborhood from the top of the hill at Strawberry and Braddock down the Prestwicke Dr. hill in front of my house. Multiple offenders FLY through the stop sign and down the hill. Specifically between the hours of 6a-8a, 2p-3p, and all evening. I also noticed the speed sign on the opposite side of the road has been removed - how can I request to have one of those signs put in on our side of the street? Maybe it will help these speeders. Specifically, there are a handful of culprits: Black Jeep Wrangler (always with very loud music), Red Ford Mustang, Red Ford Fusion, Navy Blue VW Tiguan, Black Lincoln Navigator, Silver Mercedes Benz... and some others. But these people continually speed at very high rates at all times throughout the day. Having young children and living on this main road, I am always on edge when they drive by. Ideally, it would be great to get some speed humps installed - that would be the only way unless patrolled daily by officers. Feel free to sit in my driveway everyday. I work from home, and open for suggestions. Thanks for the continued support. -Jason Tate
  • 341 Creekwood Dr Edgewood, KY, 41017, USA - Edgewood
    There is a grown robin stuck in this storm/sewer drain. Can someone come try to lift the drain so the bird can fly out?
  • 3251 Madonna Dr Ft Mitchell, KY, 41017, USA - Edgewood
    Our recycling pickup is supposed to be Tuesday. For the past 3 weeks, Rumpke has failed to pickup on this day. It is now Thursday and our neighborhood recycling bins are still loaded and on the street, awaiting pickup.
  • 340-346 Dudley Rd Ft Mitchell, KY, 41017, USA - Edgewood
    There are constantly people speeding and running red lights during "school zone" flashing periods (before and after school).
  • Fireworks Closed
    546 Village Dr Ft Mitchell, KY, 41017, USA - Edgewood

    Last Friday (March 27) my family was disturbed by very loud fireworks in our neighborhood, something that happens frequently during the spring, summer, and fall.

    I believe the act of setting off fireworks in this way constitutes a violation of city ordinance 92.04 (Public Nuisance). In addition, I believe that Kentucky statutes KRS 224.30-050 and KRS 224.30-100 may apply.

    I ask that the City of Edgewood take action to address this issue. Here are three specific actions that would help:
    1) Publish regular reminders in the City’s newsletter and social media communications , and include information about penalties.
    2) Give public assurance that police will investigate complaints promptly when locations of likely violators are provided.
    3) Provide information about how complaints should be reported in order to facilitate prompt response, particularly since offenses most commonly occur outside of normal business hours.

  • Other Archived
    1 Fair Oaks Ln Fort Mitchell, KY 41017, USA - Edgewood
    Is it possible to get more police patrols down past Brookwood Swim Club, we have cars parked down there at all hours of the evening and night, we have found used condoms, empty alcohol containers, and needles in the area.