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  • Pothole Archived
    220 Montana Avenue Osprey, FL, 34229, USA - Laurel
    There are 10-15 pot holes up and down Montana Avenue (between Bayside Pkwy and Bayshore Rd) it is like playing ping pong driving down the road. There are multiple delivery trucks, FedEx, UPS, going up and down the road daily and the normal subdivision traffic causing road deterioration. Use our county taxpayer money and please fix the road!!!
  • 392 W Rossetti Dr Nokomis, FL, 34275, USA - Laurel
    ROW /Easement cluttered w junk and plantings and vegetation overgrown. This stuff does not belong in ROW and blocks line of sight. No BICYCLE LANES, SIDEWALKS OR STREET LIGHTS here for safety. Cars, walkers, bikes cannot see around corner. Very distracting. Turning corner dangerous. There is no place for bicyclist or walkers to get out of the way of cars on narrow two lane road and at night you would trip over the debris or junk. Easement and right of way needs to be clear for safety of pedestrians/bicyclist and drivers. Our families are precious and this is an accident waiting to happen. It is shameful that this is allowed and puts us all in danger.

  • 2212 Lake Shore Dr Nokomis, FL, 34275, USA - Laurel

    To Whom it May Concern,

    This evening when I came home (1723 hours) I noticed the street in front of my house had formed a large crack. This crack was not there when I left for work this morning (1.15.2020 @ 0700 hrs). I have attached a photo of the crack for reference. Please let me know who I need to speak with in order to get this fixed.

    The address is 2212 Lake Shore Drive in Nokomis.

    Thank you,
    Meghan Machold

  • 2351-2379 Palmetto St Nokomis, FL, 34275, USA - Laurel
    Recent sewer work done in this area. Area has been somewhat repaired and repaved, but lacks a smooth surface and compares to a large pothole.
  • PED Signal Archived
    1100-1118 Tamiami Trl N Nokomis, FL, 34275, USA - Laurel
    The walk light is not working for pedestrians to cross from Laurel Road (in front of Verizon) over 41 to CVS.
  • Pothole Archived
    King St & Citrus Ave Nokomis, FL, 34275, USA - Laurel
    A pothole near the intersection of King Street and Citrus Ave; East of Kiles ACE Hardware. Someone has painted the pothole white. It is between the right edge and middle of the street.