Upper West End

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  • Noise Archived
    55 Gilman St Portland, ME, 04102, USA - Portland
    Construction is taking place after 11 pm and it's very loud. The crew showed up around 5 pm and began tearing up the street. Why don't they schedule this for daytime hours? This neighborhood has been enduring nonstop construction for months (years in fact) and overnight work should not be allowed.
  • Police Issue Archived
    Dow St Portland, Maine, 04102 - Portland

    This individual is a frequent visitor to Dow street, usually in the company of one woman or another. My neighbor send my video of the gentleman..he has filmed them on his back steps on Horton Way, selling drugs on a regular basis. They also use our yards and alleyways for public urination, drug use and so on.

    We have done our own research and we believe the man's name may be Donald Elvis Bowden. He was convicted of drug trafficking and sentenced to 5 years by kennebec criminal court in about 2017: Docket Number KENCD-CR-2016-01360. We have kids in this neighborhood. We don't need surly drug dealers using our private spaces as drug staging areas. Can you please remove him and his female assistants/cohorts from our family neighborhood.

    We encountered him today, when he became aggressive toward my wife after she asked him to move along, making lewd sexual comments and harassing her.

  • 59 Bramhall St Portland, Maine, 04102 - Portland
    Outside of building is a pile of cat litter and waste.
  • 20 Lewis St Portland, ME 04102, USA - Portland
    New gas meter located on street side of house. Should have been installed at side. Sidewalk clearance does not meet ADA requirements. The posts infringe on required minimum clearance for handicapped use of sidewalk. This complaint was previously ignored. I will file a formal grievance regarding Americans With Disabilities Act if the meters and pipes are not relocated in the very near future
  • Inspection Issue Acknowledged
    268 Spring St Portland, ME, 04102, USA - Portland
    Exterior building materials missing, degrading, falling down. Safety issue for pedestrians, fire hazard for surrounding neighbors due to openings allowing wildlife access into building.
  • 35 Gilman Pl Portland ME 04102, United States - Portland
    MMC construction site has started leaving extremely bright floodlights on overnight. These lights are shining onto neighboring homes.
  • 20 Lewis Stree - Portland
    Location of new gas meter violates Americans With Disabilities Act. And ice is forming (as it always does) due to failed gutter draining across sidewalk. Trip hazard. Repeated issues not being addressed. Super dangerous both issues
  • Parking Archived
    93 Clark St Portland, ME, 04102, USA - Portland
    Vehicles are allowed to park on Clark Street all the way to the apron of the Dermot Court HOmeowner's Association parking lot. When leaving the lot (as this picture shows) it is impossible to clear on-coming traffic. Last week there was an oversized pick-up truck park in this spot all week and there was no way to see down the street to exit the parking lot. There used to be a sign limiting parking for the last 8-10 feet so you can visibility to turn out into the street but that sign has been gone for awhile now.
  • Noise Archived
    754 Congress St Portland, ME, 04102, USA - Portland
    Installation of sheet pile wall is causing my Deering St apartment to noticeably vibrate, causing windows, dishes, etc. to rattle. Are there additional control measures that can be implemented to reduce disturbances to the neighborhood?
  • Spring St Portland 04101, United States - Portland
    The old Mercy Hospital building now has construction fencing blocking off the Spring Street sidewalk along the hospital. Could someone from Permitting Dept please confirm that they have the right to do this as part of the approved plan? Given that this is a major pedestrian pathway for the neighborhood and that side of the street is safer for crossing State Street, it will be unfortunate if this sidewalk is blocked off for the entirety of the construction project and not just when absolutely necessary. Thanks.
  • 2 Houlton St Portland 04102, United States - Portland
    There’s a political sign on a city stop sign that encourages riots. It is bolts on the pole. Please remove sign.
  • 265 Spring St Portland, ME, 04102, USA - Portland
    Illegal fire on public sidewalk overnight. Trash blocking public passage on sidewalk. Smoke and odors from trash burning caused neighbors fear and concern for their safety.