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  • Granger Ave & Tavistock Lakes Blvd Orlando, FL, 32827, USA - Lake Nona South
    I love near this intersection and since Nemours Parkway opened, Granger is used for a cut through. Because of the raised speed table just East of this intersection, traffic flowing East on Tavistock often stops. we think because cars are slowing for the speed table confusing them. We desperately need a 4-way stop here because people stop alreadya do create mass chaos.
  • 13605 Granger Ave Orlando, FL 32827, USA - Lake Nona South
    4 way stop needed at Granger and Tavistock Lakes Blvd. Its a busier intersection than Granger and Nemours which has a 4 way stop.
  • 600 E Washington St Orlando, FL, 32801, USA - South Eola
    Thank you!
  • 1429 E Gore St Orlando, FL, 32806, USA - Lake Davis-Greenwood
    Speeding on Gore St. between Mills and Bumby has been a perpetual issue the entire time I have lived at 1429 E. Gore St. since 2004. Over the time that I have lived here, there has been an accident resulting in a fatality, an accident resulting in an overturned vehicle, and another accident at Weldona and Gore. There have been many traffic studies done from the City of Orlando, always resulting in data that confirm the issue, but the resolution is always temporary. However, besides a temporary speed indication sign, no long-term resolution has been made. There is nothing to calm the traffic for the mile stretch between Mills and Bumby. I have suggested adding a stop sign on Gore at Bahama Drive, but again, nothing has been done. When will this be taken care of? I see cars going 40 or 50 miles an hour all times of day.
  • 2925 Clemwood St Orlando, FL, 32803, USA - Lake Como
    Constantly dropping large branches in my driveway & street. branches seem dead/diseased as they disintegrate and break apart very easily.
  • 2757 Donaldson Dr Orlando, FL, 32812, USA - Wedgewood Groves
    Tree has some low and dead limbs over the street and large trucks hit branches as they pass.
  • 608 Mariposa St Orlando, FL, 32801, USA - South Eola
    This tree is at an abandoned property. Nobody currently lives in the multi unit building. Several limbs have fallen into the street onto cars using street parking and now it has brought a power line down to within 15 feet above Mariposa st.
  • Golfview St Orlando 32804, United States - Orlando
    Train crossing area, blasting horns past midnight. To my understanding with the safety features already there (the lights and bars) this area can be a quiet zone. Please advise.
  • 3111 Formosa Ave Orlando, FL, 32804, USA - College Park
    SGL hit this storm drain with Heavy equipment and now when it rains debris build up causing water to flood the road.
  • 141 N Magnolia Ave Orlando, FL, 32801, USA - Central Business District
    White graffiti on the black electrical box on the corner of N Magnolia Ave and E Jefferson St.
  • Sherwood Dr Orlando FL 32803, United States - Orwin Manor
    Request changing the corner of Sherwood rd and Chichester st from a two way stop to a four way stop Cars frequently speed down Sherwood road since there is no stop sign Additionally, people driving down Chichester often assume a four way stop and expect cross traffic to stop
  • Lake District Ln Orlando, FL, 32832, USA - East Park
    Mailboxes are being blocked on Lake District Ln from the intersections of Dawson Lily Ln to Winding Marsh Trl. Mr. JR Crasander (407-257-4932) works with the East Park 5 HOA and needs to find a resolution to the issue. He reports that the residents have continually blocked the mailboxes all times of the day for a long time. He finds that the streets are too narrow anyway for the mail delivery vehicle, but the speed bumps and cars make it worse.