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  • Main St fleetwood, PA - Fleetwood
  • Greenwich St Kutztown, PA - Kutztown
    This pothole is a safety hazard as drivers try to avoid the hole by entering the other lane or hitting it causing control issues. Why is this being ignored by streets manager?
  • Antietam Rd Temple, PA 19560, USA - Berks County
    On a daily basis cars come flying off of Pricetown Road onto Antietam Road. Usually they are in the wrong lane when going around bends. Several cars have run red bus signals.
  • graffiti Archived
    Elm And Main Kutztown, PA - Kutztown
    The former car service building is covered with graffiti.
  • U.S. 222 Fleetwood, PA 19522, USA - Berks County
    We need a left hand turn light - it is impossible to turn L here, the only way it gets done is to pull up when it's green and wait for it to turn red & turn then....seen waaaaaaay too many near misses here.
  • 1125 Long Lane Rd Kutztown, PA 19530, USA - Berks County
    The township thought it necessary to place a stop sign at a 3-way intersection. The problem is the northbound sign is directly on the other side of blind incline, and if someone is not paying attention, this can make for a terrible situation. There is also no need for this, as the road is only traveled moderately during "rush hour". Bad call, guys...
  • 10270-10284 Old U.S. 22 Kutztown, PA 19530, USA - Lehigh County
    Shoulder deteriorating Old US 22 between Mill Creek Rd. and Golden Key Rd.
  • Repave Archived
    273 Deer Run Rd Kutztown, PA 19530, USA - Berks County
    Repair potholes
  • 181 College Boulevard Kutztown, Pennsylvania - Kutztown
    ALL parking spaces have been removed from College Blvd except for these few which are at a critical location. Parking in this his high traffic area narrows the road and creates a bottleneck for all vehilcles including those entering and leaving campus, the fairgrounds and the KU honors building. The few cars that are parked here create a danger for passing vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles. There is no reason why these spaces need to continue to create a safety hazard given the fact that the honors building has its own parking and there are ample pay to park spaces across the street. The unsafe situation here has become critical with the snow narrowing the street further and forcing passing cars across the yellow center line and into oncoming traffic. These spaces need to be removed as all others were years ago on College Blvd.
  • State Road Longswamp Township, PA 19539, United States of America - US Congressional District PA6
    Tractor broke pole
  • 96 Carls Hill Road Rockland Township, PA 19539, United States of America - Berks County
    Road is closed. Tree laying on cable wire near pole 8. Traffic hazard needs to be removed immediately.
  • Saucony Road Kutztown, PA - Berks County
    The section of Saucony Road that is near hill road is extreamly bad. You have to drive all over the road just to try to avoid the potholes. Its ruining my car as I have to drive this road anytime I leave or come home. There is no way around it. I've already had to replace my front struts on my car and the rear struts need replaced. This road is actually doing damage to my car, and I would like to see this road repaired.