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Residence residing on Homer St. 9 homes

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  • 1662 Elsmere St Detroit, MI, 48209, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    House has been like this for maybe 2 years now filthy house with rats and dumping going on we need something done for it ASAP to be either demolished or boarded up
  • 1207 Longfellow St Detroit, MI 48202, USA - US Congressional District MI13
  • 5817 Eldred St Detroit 48209, United States - US Congressional District MI13
    NEED MORE NEIGHBORHOOD POLICING! Stay at home order is a joke cars blaring music people shooting people pulling up outside home at 3am!! Cars I’ve never seen. Music vibrating whole house. HELP
  • 4350 Springwells St Detroit, MI, 48210, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    Rather than demolitioning this asbestos material built structure next door to my home, this incompetent city's bright idea is to auction off this abandoned, burned, and a complete eye sore of a building. Good look finding a genuine buyer who will invest 50k plus to rebuild this home. All the trash in the backyard will be enough work to remove as is. As long as this building is still standing next door, being a complete eye sore and living hazard as well as lowering our quality of life next door, I will continue advocating for its demolition as the city promised years ago. Yes there is a substantial law suit coming. The city has neglected this hazardous building for to long. And me and my family are not going to wait and hope the right investor fixes the building up. It is infested with possums, rats, and cats. LIKE I SAID AND I WILL REITERATE FOR OUR CITY WORKERS I WILL NOT STOP ADVOCATING UNTIL THE BUILDING IS DEMOLISHED. IT HAS BEEN A HAZARD FOR MY FAMILY FOR TOO LONG.
  • 7810 Goethe St Detroit MI 48214, United States - US Congressional District MI13
    Manhole cover is missing. Open sewer hole is dangerous.
  • 2030 W Fort St Detroit, MI, 48216, USA - US Congressional District MI13

    There isn't exactly a category for this, but it is related to the impedance of pedestrian traffic.

    The sidewalk along Fort Street in this location has become completely impassable; there is gravel, debris, and garbage so littering this area that it is difficult to walk. A wheelchair user would be completely unable to navigate through sections of this sidewalk.

  • 2740 Woodstock Dr Highland Park, MI 48203, USA - US Congressional District MI14

    Homeless "Village" 8 Mile and Woodward underpass. Greetings neighbors!

    Does anyone know what if anything is being done about the village type environment by un-housed persons that has been allowed to grow under the 8 Mile overpass at Woodward? This is not only an eyesore, but it is a health hazard and surely illegal in some way. It is very unsanitary and even scary especially for my children who would like to walk or ride their bikes across Woodward to go to the business on 8 Mile. I have NEVER seen anything like this anywhere else in our city or anywhere else in the Metro area? Why isn't anything being done to assist the people and clean up that area so we the citizens of this neighborhood can have a clean and safe area there?
    Please advise. If this has already been addressed here please forgive me, I have not been on this app for almost a year. We the people of this neighborhood must do something about this. What can we do?-- this is not normal nor is it acceptable.

  • 2051 W Chicago Blvd Detroit 48206, United States - US Congressional District MI13
    Lost of speeders on Chicago Blvd going East after the 14th and Chicago light.
  • 2163 Michigan Ave Detroit, MI 48216, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    mercury bar n grandma bobs dumpster overflowing all over the ground and trash all over my yard.
  • Tree Issue Archived
    12011 Bloom Street Detroit, MI 48212, United States of America - US Congressional District MI13
    Tree is causing problems it's too big.. and often branches keep falling on my front lawn and on my roof.. a small branch fell and almost hit my kid on the front lawn.. it also caused me to change my gutters recently.. please help address this issue
  • 17600 Chester St Detroit, MI 48224, USA - US Congressional District MI13

    Category: Overgrown Grass and Lack of Property Maintenance

    Please investigate the ownership of the property and request them to maintain their property on a regular basis. There is an abundance of overgrown weeds at the property and building looks like someone tried to breakin. This is in District 4, Cornerstone Village area, 5th precinct.

    If this is the wrong category for this request, please do not close but instead transfer to the correct category/department.
    Thanks and Be safe!

  • 1147 Edison St Detroit, MI 48202, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    of falling to the ground. this street lamp may have been hit by a vehicle or pushed by the recent high winds. it is at risk