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  • Milford City (Balance) CT 06460 - Milford
    Incredibly, police take no action when extreme, window shattering, wall busting, heart attact providing, noisy motorcycles scream and thunder along city streets.
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  • 143-155 Cherry St Milford, CT 06460, USA - Milford
    The stretch of Cherry street where Bobs and Shoprite are located (alongside other businesses) is in dire need of repaving. Instead, we get some weak concrete slabs poured, some of which barely lasted a week before they had to be redone. Just tear up the whole lot and repave the area, you've paved Cherry Street before this stretch, and the intersection of Cherry St and Route 1 is paved... Just get this fixed and upgrade this section of road from third world to first world! People live on this section!
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  • 60 Wellington Road Milford, CT - Milford
    It is IMPOSSIBLE to see oncoming traffic exiting southbound from Merritt Parkway exit 55 in Milford. Many employees of the Merritt 95 Business Complex must make a left turn in front of exiting Merritt traffic. A huge mound of snow blocks your view. It's like playing Russian Roulette to make the left turn into the complex.
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  • 30 Soundview Avenue Milford, CT - Milford
    This structure has been reported to the City Of Milford several times and yet not one thing has been done to remedy the blight! It impacts every home owner on the street because this blight is decreasing the neighboring homes value. I wonder if the City is waiting for a contentious lawsuit before they do anything. Knock this thing-in-lieu-of-a-house down now!
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  • Old Gate Land And East Town Rd Milford, CT - Milford
    Disaster waiting to happen: at this intersection 10-12 lanes of traffic meet up, and for 3 weekends in a row the lights here are set to blink. Some are red, some are yellow- you don't have any way of knowing what opposing traffic is going to do. Its a major accident waiting to happen.
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  • Soundview And Edgefield Milford, CT - Milford
    This part of edgefield ave is a favorite for speeders and also for pedestrians walking down the stairs to the public beach access.
    We need a cross walk especially for the summer before some one gets run down
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  • 41.198707 -73.099448 - Milford
    The traffic light at the intersection of Naugatuck Ave. and Baldwin St. should have a left turn arrow for the north-bound traffic. There is a delayed green for south-bound traffic to allow north-bound traffic to turn left. However, without a left turn arrow for the north-bound traffic, it is not clear when the south-bound traffic’s light will change to green. A simple green arrow would indicate to drivers that they have the right-of-way to turn left. Once the south-bound traffic gets a green light, the arrow would turn off and vehicles would know that they must now wait for a break in the traffic to turn left.
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  • 541 Connecticut 162 Milford, CT 06460, USA - Milford
    I was driving west on the Post Rd. just west of the Milford Police station when a flatbed tow truck and a regular tow truck from Anthony's High Tech approached at high speed with all their warning lights on. I was in the left lane and the car that was behind me in the right lane actually pulled over for them. Both trucks passed me after coming dangerously close to my car. They then continued west at speeds over 60 mph side-by-side like they were racing. It seems that tow truck drivers need to be reminded that they do not operate emergency vehicles. They only have amber lights to warn other drivers that there could be a hazard. I have also witnessed a truck from Anthony's go through red lights in the past. Milford PD and CSP need to drop these guys from their towing lists.
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  • traffic light Archived
    189 Cherry St Milford city (balance), CT 06460 - Milford
    Traffic lights in front of ShopRite are not set to flashing red/yellow after midnight. There isn't any traffic after midnight so why should we have to stop for two traffic ights in front of the ShopRite shopping center on Cherry St. The stores aren't even open at that time.
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  • Woodmont Road And Rose'S Mill Road. - Milford
    The light timing for this traffic light has been badly set up since the signal was installed. It goes through 2 main street cycles before you get one side street green. In other words, the signals cycle:main street green-yellow-red-green-yellow-red, side street green-yellow-red. The it repeats this cycle. So main street cars stop, then go, then stop again, before the side street gets a green light.
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  • 27-43 Villa Rosa Ter Aka Milford, CT 06460, USA - Milford
    see photo
    At intersection of Merwin and Sperry (one block NE of Seabreeze)
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  • Rock Street Milford, CT - Milford
    the street doesn't have any street lights...
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