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  • 2149 Orinda Dr Encinitas CA 92007, United States - Encinitas
    The situation in the gazebo at glen park is out of control. There are several individuals living in the gazebo and have moved all their stuff in. This started over a year ago. Walking there today one of the men was screaming obscenities and taking to himself. How is this allowed to go on for so long? They have made this central piece of the park completely unusable for anyone else.
  • Pothole Archived
    100 B St Encinitas, CA 92024, USA - Encinitas
    road construction from a MONTH ago left a "temporary" unevenly filled gap in the road on Encinitas Blvd. just east of 101, eastbound lanes. significant jarring to vehicle!
  • Bike Hazard Archived
    Chesterfield Dr Encinitas, CA, 92007, USA - Encinitas
    Dear City of Encinitas,
    Due to the catering of giving bikes a full lane on the 101 and other roads in Encinitas, i have almost been hit by bicyclists who continue to run red lights at pedestrian crosswalks at chesterfield and at the entrance to cardiff state beach.
    Its a real problem and no end in sight. It makes no sense to have 1 or 2 bike taking a whole lane a traffic on the street when there is a bike lane adjacent to the vehicle lanes. This is not safer its just frustrating to everyone which is a bad combo. Also a lot of kids who bike to the beach on electric bikes have been getting harassed by the road bikers for passing them? To much identity politics power for one group is not paramount over the individual. Which now they are the full authority over all the road and everyone on them.
  • Trash or Junk Archived
    Glen Park San Elijo Ave, Cardiff By The Sea, CA, 92007, USA - Encinitas
    There are still two men living here in Glen Park. One gentleman is smoking while a family is trying to set up a small family birthday party (what the area was meant for). He has a houseful of trash, including garbage bags full of recyclables which he is stealing from your garbage cans (this is an ordinance violation and makes our trash cost go up - if the City does not care why is it a law?). He is also cooking 3 or 4 times a day on his own grill (also an ordinance violation). Is the City going to come and remove the trash? Or is this free storage? This man has his belongings taking up two or three tables for the past month. Please clean this up so your citizens can use the park. It is unsafe during COVID. It is against the law to smoke. The sheriff just came, so he just moved his junk from one table to another...
  • 2270-2298 Newcastle Ave Encinitas, CA, 92007, USA - Encinitas
    We went from one homeless to two, to now 6 people camping at glen park because we haven't done anything about this issue It will keep growing Neighbors stand up to this destructiveness Get involved Vote
  • 425 Santa Fe Dr Encinitas CA 92007, United States - Encinitas
    Illegal encampment Person on ground sleeping less than 40 feet from children's playground Had been there multiple days Unsafe and dangerous Has been there overnight despite posted park closures hours
  • 425 Santa Fe Dr Encinitas CA 92007, United States - Encinitas
    Trash belongings and fire smoldering people are also hiding inside of tree and plant cover Very creepy feeling not safe for children or passers by
  • 305 Encinitas Blvd Encinitas CA 92024, United States - Encinitas
    This is embarrassing for Encinitas Our namesake BLVD, a main exit from the highway, is constantly riddled with trash, usually has someone begging on the corner Why is the city allowing this ravine to be a permanent encampment?
  • Bike Hazard Archived
    2503-2519 S Coast Hwy 101 Encinitas, CA, 92007, USA - Encinitas
    Bikeway over the lagoon bridge covered in sand. I witnessed a bike accident this morning due to a pedestrian stepping out in front of a cruiser bike with a surfboard. Bike went down like it was on ice when it used its brakes due the covering of sand on the bikeway .
  • 119 Liverpool Dr Encinitas, CA, 92007, USA - Encinitas
    I support free speech, NOT HATE speech. This is located right on San Ellijo adjacent to the crosswalk which is heavily used by families. I asked the sheriff if we must tolerate this sort of hate speech and was told if the City decides it goes to hate speech, only the City Of Encinitas can do something. I demand that the City protect my family of young children from this hate speech, from ANY party on our city streets.
  • Trash or Junk Archived
    150-198 Norfolk Dr Encinitas, CA, 92007, USA - Encinitas
    There is a public health hazard at Glen Park. This is a City Park. You have garbage, junk, a strange white powder, alcohol, drugs, urine all under the area with the picnic tables. If you aren't going to move the individuals living there (there is no one there during the day), you can't allow them to keep garbage and filth where your residents and kids sit and eat and play. This is a COVID hazard for the residents of encinitas and our children.
  • S Coast Hwy 101 Encinitas CA 92007, United States - Encinitas

    The wheel stop and stanchion hazards between the through lanes and right only lanes on n/b 101 approaching Chesterfield have caused two recent bike crashes On nov 2 2020 a cyclist looked back to see a car he heard and ran into a wheel stop which took him down Fortunately no serious injuries On Dec 10 another cyclist apparently in a similar situation did sustain fractures There was an ambulance

    Please remove these hazards from the middle of the roadway where they are unexpected and are causing cyclists to crash

    Photo by witness Lorraine Gruber