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  • Homeless Camp Archived
    Forest Ave Portland ME 04101, United States - Portland
    Can someone explain what's happening here? Preble St is deserted and there are 20-30 people setting up camps in Deering Oaks park across the street from the post office Is Preble St no longer server it's intended community ?
  • Noise Archived
    Kennedy Park Portland, ME, 04101, USA - Portland
    What’s the plan with putting an end to these nightly fireworks, Portland?! Constant fireworks from Kennedy Park last night.
  • Homeless Camp Archived
    14 Marginal Way Portland, ME 04101, USA - Portland
  • Noise Archived
    55 Gilman St Portland, ME, 04102, USA - Portland
    Construction is taking place after 11 pm and it's very loud. The crew showed up around 5 pm and began tearing up the street. Why don't they schedule this for daytime hours? This neighborhood has been enduring nonstop construction for months (years in fact) and overnight work should not be allowed.
  • High St Portland 04101, United States - Portland
    Preble Street is setting up a pop up tent and delivering food in Deering Oaks. Do they have a permit for this? Yesterday there were dozens of people and trash scattered everywhere (despite available trash cans). Surely they have to abide by the same rules as any other entity?
  • 55 Portland St Portland 04101, United States - Portland
    Excessive trash in front of 55 Portland St. left by the people handing out there. The owner committed to keeping it clean but it usually looks this way lately. Please find a way to keep them in compliance.
  • Homeless Camp Archived
    151 Forest Ave Portland, ME 04101, USA - Portland
    Homeless camp on government property at the U.S. Post Office.
  • Homeless Camp Archived
    389 Congress St Portland, ME, 04101, USA - Portland
    Every one of the people camped here have shelter options (if not already banned for behavior) and/or somewhere else to go...preferably not in Portland. Start asking/demanding IDs of all participants. And, just for a laugh, offer jobs.
  • Police Issue Archived
    Deering Oaks Park Portland, ME, USA - Portland
    just got yelled at by drug addicts while walking across the street to mail a package.
    Is this what Portland has become.
  • 477 Congress St Portland, ME, 04101, USA - Portland
    The time and temperature building appears to be abandoned and left to collect the debris and refuse following the overnight stays of the unhoused. There is a very strong smell of urine and feces from all the alcoves along Preble street. There are needles, bottles, and cans littered all around the building and alleyways. While these are issues that happen around the building I occupy, we make sure we clean these areas as needed. I believe the owner of the time and temp building to be delinquent in this duty. This issue is contributing to making an already distressed area even more so. Thank you for your time.
  • 131 Washington Ave Portland, ME 04101, USA - Portland
    Blocking the sidewalks with pinballs machines making the sidewalk impassable. Curious how you defend this one?
  • Frost St Portland, ME, 04102, USA - Portland
    As usual, motorists are excessively speeding at all times of day on Frost St. The city MUST do something about this. This is a neighborhood with children and pets around.