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  • 3249 E Queen Creek Rd Gilbert, AZ 85297, USA - Gilbert
    Starbucks traffic drive thru blocking traffic ..long lines in way of public access and emergencyvehiclescannot get through.... Starbucks should set up cones for customers or separate road access
  • 3551 E Appleby Dr Gilbert AZ 85298, United States - Gilbert
    Mosquitoes from Ocotillo recharge area are TERr
  • 4712 E Appleby Ct Gilbert, AZ, 85298, USA - Gilbert
    It appears that the FREE use of the Transfer station at Mountain Rd is not free according to the station management. They do allow the drop off without charge, but indicate that you will be billed on by the town for use of the facility. This appears to be in conflict with your website information. Additionally, it is NOT clear on the GilbertAZ website that you need BOTH your license and your Gilbert bill to use the facility. It is also NOT mentioned on your web site that you need High Vis clothing to use the facility and that you can purchase same at the facility. I spoke with Leslie at the Mountain Road facility, and she and others at the facility are not happy that people show up and are NOT aware of the above requirements and fee exposure. Please rectify/clarify for all concerned.
  • 3781 E Cassia Ln Gilbert, AZ, 85298, USA - Gilbert
    At the NW Corner of Bridges Parkway and Ponderosa - gallons of soap suds were poured into the water feature. This has happened a few times over the past few weeks. While some might shake their heads and say, "darn kids and their mischief!" at this point the potential damage is becoming a huge concern. Pumps need water to operate correctly. In a shallow pond like at this water feature, the pumps and motors cannot function with soap suds. We were able to get it shut down before the motor siezed this time and will have to treat it, drain it, etc. which will take a week. We are hoping there is no permanent damage, but will advise if there is. We would appreciate some police presence over the weekend and the holiday week in the community at night when you can spare the patrol officers. Thank you.
  • Other Archived
    5250 S Higley Rd Gilbert AZ 85298, United States - Gilbert
    Abandoned mattress
  • 4264 S Mariposa Dr Gilbert AZ 85297, United States - Gilbert
    Per the last report, the car was supposed to be moved last week. The car is still there.
  • 4114 E Sundance Ave Gilbert AZ 85297, United States - Gilbert
    Several cars parked on a curve making it very dangerous for vehicles to get through.
  • Other Archived
    3775 E Simpson Ct Gilbert AZ 85297, United States - Gilbert
    Dislodged blue fire hydrantstreet markerneeds to be secured
  • 5139 S Bridal Vail Dr Gilbert, AZ, 85298, USA - Gilbert
    I missed the pick up today because my stuff wasnt outside yet. Am I too late?
  • Other Open
    5206 S Girard St Gilbert AZ 85298, United States - Gilbert
    Someone has dumped about 10 bags of trash next to the recharge area
  • 4782 E Ironhorse Rd Gilbert AZ 85297, United States - Gilbert
    Vehicle has flat tires & shattered windshield. Has been there for several days.
  • Potholes Archived
    5470 S Luiseno Blvd Gilbert, AZ, 85298, USA - Gilbert
    This pothole appeared about a week or two ago in the middle of the road. It is right next to some patch job the city did last year.