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  • 2163-2211 Hurley Mountain Rd Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Lomontville
    This little stretch of Hurley Mtn. Rd. has been without high speed internet for years. The cable line ends less than 1/2 mile down the road, and Time Warner wants us to pay $17,000+ to extend it. We're too far away from Verizon's central office to get their DSL service. WE NEED HIGH SPEED INTERNET. It's 2011 and we're still using dialup!!
  • 1919-2099 New York 55 Ellenville, NY 12428, USA - Ulster County
    State Dot needs to repave State route 55 people are getting vehicle damage from how bad the roadway is from Ulster County into Sullivan County.
  • 6660 State Highway 52 Ellenville, NY 12428, USA - Ulster County
    The entire length of State route 52 in Ulster County is in very poor shape. Repave before an accident occurs and the state and county get sued for poor road conditions.
  • Napanoch NY 12458, USA - Ulster County
    Route 55 between Cutler Road in Napanoch and the Route 55 A split, literally looks as though it has been carpet bombed! NYS D O T has been ignoring this stretch of road and as a result there has been multiple vehicles with blown out tires in an area that has no cell phone service, left stranded until a passerby is kind enough to offer a ride.
  • 204 Ashokan Rd kingston 12401 - Ulster County
    Thursday at 3 State police woman arrested women outside Hurley post office ordering them to cease distribution of leaflets and solicitation of signatures on petition to impeach Obama. Tea Party advocates? Never expected to see such blatant interference in constitutional rights in New York. Use of force to curtail advocacy of unpopular ideas is an outrage. Pretext asserted that women were too close to road, but it is well known that charitable groups are allowed to go so far as to stop traffic on rte 209 to solicit donations;here there was no interference with traffic; this appeared to be selective enforcement based on content of ideas advocated by women. Civil officials from area were present and seemed to be involved in effort to squelch woman's protest. No effort to direct women to use of nearby location further from road. Who is responsible for this affront to the constitution. Why are we fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan if Democracy is not safe in Ulster County?
  • 3490-3492 Main St Stone Ridge, NY 12484, USA - Stone Ridge
    Does putting in an uneeded sidewalk really have to ruin the quality of the roads? Seriously, get the roads in good condition before putting in a sidewalk to go nowhere.
  • Rt. 209 & Kyserike Rd Accord Ny - Ulster County
    they have been saying for years that they are gonna put a traffic light at the intersection of rt. 209 and kyserike rd. which leads to rondout valley high and middle schools. This intersection needs a light put there , it is dangerous and have had many accidents there.
  • 7500-7600 Rte 209 Napanoch, NY 12458, USA - Napanoch
    old napanoch mall = dump
    time to fix this up let walmart come
  • 3853 Main St Stone Ridge, NY 12484, USA - Stone Ridge
    Try making a left out of Emmanuel's Market. People on 209 already going south, choose to ignore the speed limit and start speeding up as soon as they get through town. Please put a traffic light here so people can get out. So much for shopping locally, it takes an extra 10 minutes just to leave
  • New York 213 Stone Ridge, NY 12484, USA - Stone Ridge
    Drivers often go around the cars turning onto 213. The problem is some people obey traffic laws and wait in line, only to be cut off on the right by people that dont have the time to wait for traffic. Intersection needs a turning lane.
  • 3670 Main St Stone Ridge, NY 12484, USA - Stone Ridge
    Since the installation of a traffic light at the intersection of 209 and 213 northbound traffic backs up from the light as far back as Stone Ridge Plaza, especially in the late afternoons. The backup is created by cars waiting to make a left onto 213. Being 209 is a one lane road there's no room to drive around them, hence the backup. The light is causing more problems than it cures.
  • sign removal Archived
    3853 Main St Stone Ridge, NY 12484, USA - Stone Ridge
    There is an over-sized and entirely illegible sign at the entrance to the Emmanuel's Plaza which is distracting and is causing a safety hazard. People are trying to read it and not paying attention while at this already dangerous intersection!