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  • 215-265 Old Tongore Rd Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Ulster County
    There is significant damage to Tongore Road in Lomontville.
  • Post Office Wawarsing, NY 12458, USA - Ulster County
    A crosswalk is needed to cross Rt. 209, connecting the sidewalk on the Post Office side of Rt. 209 to a needed sidewalk on the west side of Rt. 209.
    Then, a short path on the west side of Rt. 209 could be built to connect to the town park and its bike loop, which is paved and comes out to Rt. 209.
  • 7019 Route 209 Wawarsing NY - Ulster County
    Unprotected Demolition Site,, . .County Owned, . . possible Asbestos abatement problem.
  • 24 Whitfield Road Accord, NY 12404, USA - Accord
    The parcel at 24 Whitfield Road
    Accord, NY
    Owned by Dean Anderson has been sitting empty and abandoned for a minimum of 6 years. The property is overgrown and the modular home is a visual eyesore, reducing our property valued, damaging the tourism potential of our community by sending the signal that we don't care. The house sits adjacent to Rondout Valley Golf Club and MUST be cleaned up and made presentable. The owner has done absolutely nothing to improve or MAINTAIN the property by generally accepted community standards. The house is NOT occupied, thus Mr. Anderson has let it fall into disrepair - it is ugly, unsightly, and needs to be cleaned up today,
  • stop lights Archived
    209 - Accord
    this is not an issue i just warning people that there is stop lights now on 209 in accord just a heads up
  • bridge out Archived
    Main St - Kerhonkson
    how much longer will the bridge work take to be completed in kerhonkson?
  • 75-81 Greenfield Rd Ellenville, NY 12428, USA - Ulster County
    The entire length of State route 52 in Ulster County is in very poor shape. Repave before an accident occurs and the state and county get sued for poor road conditions.
  • 80 N Main St Ellenville, NY 12428, USA - Ellenville
    Doug Fuller is on the streets and does not have any kind of shelter i think Ellenville should have a homeless Shelter
  • 501-515 County Road 26 Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Stone Ridge

    Okay, I understand that organizations need money, (and I support as many as I can) but soliciting donations from passing motorists in the middle of Rt 209 is just a bad idea.

    These well intentioned people usually do not have the proper brightly colored reflective vests, and do not place appropriate signs and cones to indicate a hazard lies ahead.

    In the past month or so, two of the sidewalk workers were struck and they had vests on and signs in place.

    This practice should stop (or at least require permits and the proper protection). I really fear that a volunteer will be hurt or killed, or that thier actions will lead to a rear end collision if this continues.

    This situation is dangerous and could be very costly to the organizations.

  • There is significant damage to Tongore Road in Lomontville.
  • 3 big holes Archived
    1 N Main St Ellenville, NY 12428, USA - Ellenville
    along 209 and enternce to Dunkin Donuts are 3 major holes need to be fixed. This is State highway.
  • 74-120 County Road 2 Stone Ridge, NY 12484, USA - Ulster County
    Is this a junkyard, a home or an abandoned mining camp. Junk cars and random stuff covers the property. DEP needs to check this for oil getting to groundwater