3200 Nicol Ave Oakland

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No permits for HUGE “addition” stalled behind raggedy fence attracting garbage
Owner is mia?

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  • 3261 Martin Luther King Jr Way Oakland, CA, 94609, USA - Hoover-Foster
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    461 Bellevue Ave Oakland CA 94610, United States - Oakland
    Please look up movie night on the lake, it’s held now Saturday nights and Sunday nights at 461 Bellevue about 5 feet away from the curb and directly in front of the residential homes. The The event itself is fine, however there are no restrooms and sometimes there are as many as 400 guests. Those guests end up leaving their trash and their urine all over our buildings. The event starts after Park curfew is supposed to end and carries on well past midnight on Sundays. This event needs to be moved to a non-residential area where there’s appropriate parking and facilities. This has been a constant issue and has been reported to the city for the past year.
  • 28th St Oakland CA 94607, United States - Clawson
    I was elated to find the city had actually done something to remove the blight , then I saw her back at it 7/1 6:00 pm sitting again in an illegal encampment . When can this end ? Arrest her . Citizens are getting organized .
  • 275 7th St Oakland CA 94607, United States - Chinatown
    Graffiti on the side structure of the Chinese garden . 7th and Harrison
  • 3776–3798 West St Oakland CA 94609, United States - Longfellow


    This car blocks the ability to make a safe right turn on MacArthur

    This car has been sitting here for 6 months

    This is blight

    Please tow

  • 5932 Camden St Oakland CA 94605, United States - Frick
    The tenants in thus building leave trash outside every single week Can't the city fine the landlord?
  • 2226 Myrtle St Oakland, CA, 94607, USA - McClymonds
    Downed fence and unsecured property. People get into the lot, make noise, and creating a lot of graffiti issues on the property and fence of neighboring property. Sometimes fence falls onto the street blocking the sidewalk.
  • Snow Park Harrison St & 19th St, Oakland, CA 94612, USA - Lakeside
    encampment right next to beautiful new Snow Park tot lot. there was a constant stream of homeless people using the bathroom, and when it was full a man openly defecating behind the restroom building right in front of kids and families. sad state for this new park.
  • 1269 18th St Oakland, CA, 94607, USA - Oak Center
    Defremery Pool needs graffiti removal and new paint. It looks VERY VERY VERY BAD. The kids deserve better and so does West Oakland as a whole. We hate seeing our community go in to filth and squalor. We pay taxes for your services. Please come ASAP or sooner to clean this up and Re-Beautify Defremery Pool (and park). Thank you.
  • 2750 Martin Luther King Jr Way Oakland CA 94612, United States - Hoover-Foster
    This goes from highway exit at Northgate ave On 27th Street
    past MLK Huge dump No photo could capture this Piles and piles and there were more people dumping under overpass as I dove by They saw me try to take a photo but blocked their license plate And this is not only a chronic blight it's a chronic dump site with no fines, or consequences for them Many for this residential area
    Please clean this Bring a few trucks
    People live here
    (Houses Tuff sheds and tents )
  • 2510 Martin Luther King Jr Way Oakland CA 94612, United States - Hoover-Foster
    Human fecal matter on and around sidewalk Located on MLK, near the corner of 25th, along the base of the building features in the picture Very unsafe biohazard URGENT
  • Snow Park 250 19th St, Oakland, CA, 94612, USA - Lakeside
    This sprawling homeless encampment has been in Snow Park by the playground since 4 weeks ago. It has been getting bigger, building permanent structures and attracting more homeless people to this park. Please ask them to move before it becomes too late for this new park.