Westfield Parks and Recreation

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The kiosk by the Westfield River kiosk has been vandalized with spray paint. Several glass panels protecting river walk lights have been smashed.

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  • Overgrowth Archived
    4 St Paul St Westfield, MA 01085, USA - Westfield
    sidewalk blocked
  • 10 Kane Brothers Cir Westfield, MA, 01085, USA - Westfield
    Back from a few days away - Trash was picked up Wednesday, recycling was not
  • Overgrowth Archived
    54 Pleasant St Westfield MA 01085, United States - Westfield
    2 foot tall grass on property Looks horrible
  • 17 Holland Avenue Westfield, MA, 01085, USA - Westfield
    No recycle pickup as of 3:30 7/20
  • Rt-10 Westfield, MA, 01085, USA - Westfield
    caller claims there is a dip in the road where the manhole cover is, please take a look
  • Signs Archived
    Dry Bridge Rd & Sandy Hill Rd Westfield, MA, 01085, USA - Westfield

    Good morning,

    The stop sign for Sandy Hill RD that connects to Dry bridge needs replacing. The sign is constantly leaning even after being fixed. I have tried to push it deeper into the ground so it will stay up straight, but because the pole is so small it still falls over.
    Can we please get an updated sign, maybe one with lights and a solar charge so it flashes and the drives see it.
    So often drivers are just blowing through this sign and it is dangerous.


  • 24 Farlaine Drive Westfield, MA, 01085, USA - Westfield
    Trash bin not emptied
  • Tree Issue Archived
    78 Lowell Ave Westfield, MA, 01085, USA - Westfield
    A large limb fell from an oak tree located on the tree belt of this property. In addition to having lost many limbs to rot, this tree now has a large split down the center of the tree trunk. The team who cleaned up the fallen branches said they notified WG&E about the split and told the head of WG&E they felt the tree needed to come down before the wires were reconnected. This tree has had serious issues ever since the October snow storm and regularly drops large branches. When this limb came down it brought down a couple of wires. Someone could be serious hurt by a downed electrical wire or a falling tree limb or the tree itself. Please take care of this issue immediately before someone is hurt.
  • Pothole Archived
    6 Cara Lane Westfield, MA, 01085, USA - Westfield
  • Pothole Archived
    200-298 Lower Sandyhill Rd Westfield, MA, 01085, USA - Westfield
    Please repair Travel Lane, pot holes from the Bridge to the mail box 281 Lower Sandy hill Rd, Westfield, MA. Bridge floods bad on a rainy day also deep pot holes. I would greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.
  • Water Issue Archived
    76 Summit Lock Rd Westfield, MA, 01085, USA - Westfield
    *76 Mederios Way* Contractor is requesting an estimate for a 6" fire service.
  • 3 Morgan Ave Westfield, MA, 01085, USA - Westfield
    sewer inspection requested for new connection