Calhoun County Road Commission

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Pennfield area Potholes.

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  • 467-599 Clarence Blvd Battle Creek, MI 49014, USA - Calhoun County
    clarence has multiple area's that extend almost across the whole road. Some are craters.
  • 900-1100 Blocks Golden Ave Battle Creek/ Emmett Township, MI - Calhoun County
    This 1.5 mile stretch has been torn up since Enbridge used it as a main rd back and forth 3 yrs ago. All other rds were resurfaced except this rd. The stones/tar doesn't work here. The shoulder has been gone for years and is needed for walkers since there is limited visibility with huge oak trees, hills and several unmarked rds. I have asked several times for the trees to be trimmed and cut for visibility... nothing happens!! Drainage is an issue at Silver/Golden. One car accident already happened infront of our bus stop. Potholes have already damaged most of my neighbors cars too. People are now using the east bound lane of the Blvd since the west bound Blvd is impassable for cars (900 block of golden) Safety first!! Fix this stretch of road the right way!!
  • 101-299 Trickovic Lane Battle Creek, Michigan - Calhoun County
    Numerous "bad" potholes on Trickovic Lane, as well as Keathley Drive. One of the worst areas is where Keathley Drive (on theSouth End) meets N. Wattles Road, also where Keathley Drive and Trickovic Lane meet.
  • 18794-19498 9 1/2 Mile Rd Battle Creek, MI 49014, USA - Calhoun County
    many pothole located along this road, this road is in need of repair
  • 6288-6510 Purdy Dr Battle Creek, MI 49017, USA - Calhoun County
    Road is falling apart, potholes!
  • 212-298 Keathley Dr Battle Creek, Michigan - Calhoun County
    Ridiculous potholes on both sides of Keathley and on Trikovic Lane
  • home owner Archived
    Keathley Drive Battle Creek, MI - Calhoun County
    very many potholes .
  • 17600–17898 9 1/2 Mile Rd Battle Creek 49014, United States - Calhoun County
    Road is becoming impassable - forcing cars to drive on shoulder or down the center of the road to avoid potholes.
  • Potholes Archived
    18000-18292 9 1/2 Mile Road Battle Creek, MI 49014, USA - Calhoun County
    This area has been an issue that has not been properly addressed in over 12 years. It is continuing to worsen and is become a safety issue as well as causing damage to vehicles.
  • 174 Princeton N battle creek, MI - Brownlee Park
    There are so many huge potholes on the street that if a car approaches you they cant pass by without stopping to let you go first.
  • Potholes Archived
    17000-17998 9 1/2 Mile Road Battle Creek, MI 49014, USA - Calhoun County
    Road is essentially down to one functional lane - year after year this this road is an issue that does not get addressed
  • Intersection Of 9 1/2 Mile Rd And Verona Rd. battle creek, MI 49014, USA - Calhoun County
    It is still there! This pothole is very deep and will take someone's tire out if it is not fixed soon!